[UPDATED] Aviva Offers Special Coverage for Uber drivers

By: Justin Leung on January 8, 2016

Earlier in the week, Aviva Canada made headlines across the country by becoming the first insurance company to unveil an insurance policy specifically aimed at ride-sharing drivers who work with companies like Uber to make some extra income on the side.

The coverage, which will be different from the commercial coverage one might get if they were a taxi driver for example, will be available in Ontario in early February according to Aviva’s press release. Instead of being a completely new policy just for ride-share drivers, the coverage is a simple add-on to existing personal auto insurance. While only Ontario is confirmed for now, you can be sure to see the coverage coming to other provinces in the coming months.

EDITOR'S NOTE [02/01/2016]: The coverage is now available for drivers to purchase through a select group of insurance brokers. If you drive for Uber in Ontario click here to get insured ASAP, beginning with a free quote. 

The coverage will protect not only the drivers, but the passengers as well. And it will apply from the moment the driver starts looking for passengers to the second the ride is over. It’s important to note the restrictions and eligibility for this coverage, however. For example this coverage is mostly intended for part-time drivers (who make up the majority of UberX drivers) and hence only coves drivers who spend up to 20 hours per week ride-sharing. For those who want to put in more hours prepare to pay for the additional coverage.

The coverage will also have reasonable limitations on the number of passengers it will cover and a required six years minimum of driving experience.

This announcement should come as a relief for UberX drivers who likely haven’t taken out costly commercial insurance policies and instead risk being held liable should anything go wrong on one of their rides. It’s great news for Uber, which has been locked in a never ending war with taxi companies across the country, and it’s great news for customers, who should feel a bit more relaxed that their driver isn’t breaking the law. Hopefully this will convince some municipalities like Hamilton, which has taken a hard line against the service, to reverse their position.

Aviva has surprised the industry with its quick introduction of a solution to the ride-sharing insurance problem. Intact made headlines last year when it announced it was working on an insurance solution directly with Uber, but it appears Aviva has beaten them to the punch, for now at least.

Image Courtesy of Adobe Stock