Tesla’s new in-car climate control aims to save lives

By: Justin Leung on September 23, 2016

Despite the many warnings we get, pets and children are still left in hot cars to die. Elon Musk, who has a well-documented history of making design decisions based on his own experiences and concern for his family, doesn’t ever want to hear of someone dying in one of his cars because it was too hot or too cold.

To address the problem, a new feature is being added to all Tesla’s via an over-the-air software update. The update adds a feature called “Cabin Overheat Protection” and according to Jalopnik it will keep the internal temperature of cars from going above 40 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit), which while hot, should help prevent conditions from becoming deadly. Of course without water, being stuck in a 40 degree box is still pretty dangerous. However Tesla already has plans to improve on the initial version of the feature.

Elon musk tweeted that a future version will be allow for “always-on” minimum and maximum temperature which could be extremely satisfying for Canadian drivers during the winter months and much safer for leaving children behind in especially with the HEPA air filters found on the higher-end Tesla models.

In the past, automakers have attempted to address the situation with sensors and alerts, but this solution is by far the most complete. The update started rolling out earlier this week and should be available on all models in the future.