Lowest Rates Daily

By: Justin Leung on August 31, 2012

An age old question for homebuyers when applying for a mortgage; is it best to lock in at a fixed rate or roll the dice and hope the variable rate will remain low? When times are good many people will choose to take their chances on a variable rate.

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By: Gary Parkinson on August 26, 2012

With money tight and housing costs having been a concern all year, the numbers are in and only confirm the speculation. RBC has released a report stating higher home prices and rising mortgage rates over the last two quarters have impacted the market to make owning a home that much more costly. With the Bank of Canada expected to increase the prime lending rate by mid next year it remains one of the top concerns that home ownership may become even more unaffordable.

By: Justin Leung on August 25, 2012

The federal government enacted new legislative laws for banking procedures back in March to restrict the mingling of Canada’s banking side and the banks’ insurance side. These new rules were put in place after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty asked the banks 4 years ago to “stop doing insurance on bank websites,” a call that was by all accounts ignored.

By: Gary Parkinson on August 21, 2012

Criminals can be very crafty in breaking into a car, a home, anything of value; so that insurance coverage is becoming more and more necessary. There are many tools criminals can use both deliberate tools commonly thought to use in robberies, and ones no one would ever suspect.