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Photograph of Joanna Richards Joanna Richards

Joanna Richards is a freelance writer.

Photograph of Jessie Hale Jessie Hale

Jessie Hale is the Managing Editor at Inhabit Education, a company that creates educational books and other resources for students of all ages in Nunavut.

Photograph of Borrowell Borrowell

Borrowell helps free people from financial stress.

Photograph of Stephanie Hughes Stephanie Hughes

Stephanie Hughes is a business writer and financial journalist in the Canadian markets.

Photograph of Brennan Doherty Brennan Doherty

Brennan Doherty is a Toronto-based writer. His work has appeared in the Toronto Star, VICE, the National Post, and elsewhere.

Photograph of Kelley Keehn Kelley Keehn

Kelley Keehn is a personal finance educator, speaker, media personality, the author of 10 books, and the Consumer Advocate for FP Canada.

Photograph of Mike Friskney Mike Friskney

Mike Friskney is a content strategist, writer and pug owner based in the Toronto area. 

Photograph of Caitlin McCormack Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin McCormack is a writer based in Toronto.

Photograph of David O'Leary David O'Leary

David O’Leary is a money expert, impact investment professional, public speaker, and writer.