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Photograph of Bhagyashri Pawar Bhagyashri Pawar

Bhagyashri Pawar is a Toronto-based writer and editor.

Photograph of Subramanian Harikumar Subramanian Harikumar

Subramanian Harikumar is a Toronto-based writer with a knack for data research and storytelling.

Photograph of Properly Properly

Properly is a Canadian tech-enabled real estate brokerage transforming the home buying and selling experience.

Photograph of Leah Golob Leah Golob

Leah Golob is a freelance journalist, content marketing writer and editor based in Toronto.

Photograph of Kevin McElligott Kevin McElligott

Kevin McElligott is the content and communications manager at Canada Drives.

Photograph of HomeEquity Bank HomeEquity Bank

HomeEquity Bank is a Schedule 1 Canadian bank offering reverse mortgage solutions.

Photograph of Mark Gregorski Mark Gregorski

Mark Gregorski is an Edmonton-based freelance writer specializing in the financial services industry, including fintech.

Photograph of Onlia Onlia

Onlia is a fully digital provider of car and home insurance in Ontario that’s simplifying the process. 

Photograph of Shaistha Khan Shaistha Khan

Shaistha Khan is an editor/writer in the personal finance space at RATESDOTCA.