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Photograph of Janine Rogan Janine Rogan

Janine is a personal finance writer, speaker and tax specialist from Calgary.

Photograph of Renee Sylvestre-Williams Renee Sylvestre-Williams

Renee is a reporter who has written for the Globe and Mail, Flare, Canadian Living and Canadian Business.

Photograph of Luc Rinaldi Luc Rinaldi

Luc Rinaldi is a journalist from Toronto. He’s currently senior editor of Pivot magazine.

Photograph of Hadiya Roderique Hadiya Roderique

Hadiya Roderique is a lawyer, researcher, and broadcast commentator.

Photograph of Jessica Moorhouse Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica Moorhouse is a millennial money expert.

Photograph of Caleigh Alleyne Caleigh Alleyne

Caleigh Alleyne is a lifestyle and travel journalist based in Toronto.

Photograph of Craig Sebastiano Craig Sebastiano

Craig Sebastiano writes about personal finance, real estate, mortgages, and investing.

Photograph of Octavia Ramirez Octavia Ramirez

Octavia is a personal finance and entrepreneurship writer from Toronto.

Photograph of Jonathan Ratner Jonathan Ratner

Jonathan is a freelance writer with nearly two decades of experience writing about finance.