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Photograph of Vicki Boyd Vicki Boyd

Vicki is a book lover whose "must-read" list has grown to well over 200 titles. 

Photograph of Craig Amos Craig Amos

Craig has been flooding the internet with words for nearly a decade.

Photograph of Max Berger Max Berger

Max wears many hats when he writes, though he isn't much of a 'hat guy' in real life.

Photograph of Cliff Ritter Cliff Ritter

Cliff Ritter is a Senior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing Expert with over 10 years of internet marketing experience specializing...

Photograph of Justin Leung Justin Leung

Justin is Director, Insurance Products at RATESDOTCA and the former Product Manager at

Photograph of Staff Staff

The writing team focuses on telling original stories.

Photograph of Alexandra Bosanac Alexandra Bosanac

Expert Writer

Alexandra is a Core Content Manager at RATESDOTCA, specializing in auto insurance.

Photograph of Joe Barbieri Joe Barbieri

Joe has worked in the financial services sector for over 15 years.

Photograph of Jennifer Juneau Jennifer Juneau

Jennifer is a registered nurse in Canada and works as a freelance writer.