5 Tips to eat healthy on a budget

By: Martin Dasko on April 13, 2016

eat healthy for cheap“Pack your own lunch.”

This is the only advice that anyone gives you when you ask about saving money on food. Thanks for nothing. Everyone hears the same advice constantly from personal finance writers. We get it. You’re supposed to pack your own lunch every single day. You’re supposed to brown bag it every single day of your life and just accept this.

Another commonly accepted myth is that healthy eating has to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be you can eat healthy on a budget. Here are my favorite tips to eat healthy:

1. Buy in bulk

One area where I mess up is I often find myself buying a few items at a time instead of loading up in bulk on what I need. If you want to eat healthy on a budget, you need to try to find deals and then capitalize on them by buying in bulk. I do this with chicken whenever I find great deals. I load up on enough for a few weeks so that I have food ready to go. The freezer is your friend.

2. Cook for a few days

Once you buy in bulk, you should try to cook for a few days in advance. It’s totally unrealistic to expect someone to cook every single day. That’s not going to happen. You can spend your Sunday cooking up meals for a few days. I usually cook chicken on Sundays. I put some food in the fridge for the next few days and I freeze the rest until I’m ready to cook again. This is a great way to prepare a week’s worth of healthy, easy-to-prepare meals without spending a lot.

3. Take advantage of cheap sources of protein

I take my protein very seriously. The good news is that there are many cheap sources of protein out there, including egg whites, cans of tuna, sardines, and more. By taking advantage of cheap sources of protein, you can feel full after a meal without spending a ton on it. Your body needs protein to function properly and to rebuild your muscles. This is one of my favorite ways to eat healthy on a budget. Plus, it keeps my body fueled for my wrestling shows.

4. Always drink water

I had to throw this tip in here because I love drinking water. Your body also needs water to stay hydrated. Sometimes you might even feel hungry when all you really need is a refreshing glass of water. Keep on drinking water throughout the day. It’s one of the best tips to eat healthy because it ensures that your body runs better. And it’s very cost-efficient when you buy a filter and drink from the tap.

5. Try a new way of eating

I don’t eat breakfast and I believe in intermittent fasting. This way of eating isn’t for everyone, but I swear by it. I’m not telling you that you need to skip breakfast, but there are many other ways that you can eat. You can save some serious money if you’re ready to experiment a little with different eating habits, whether it’s intermittent fasting, or eating five or six small (but healthy!) meals per day.

Saving money on food will help you out since you already have so many other bills to deal with. What you eat determines how you feel, and when you eat healthy on a budget, your body feels great – and so does your wallet.