Chat About Women and Money During Our #IWDfinance Twitter Party

By: Miranda Marquit on March 3, 2016

women's financeAccording to research, women have been falling behind when it comes to money. Women are more likely than men to live in poverty, and we face unique challenges when it comes to reaching financial freedom.

Many women are unsure of where to start when forging ahead with their finances. In conjunction with International Women’s Day and Women’s Money Week, is holding a Twitter Party addressing women and money with three money experts.

Join us as we chat about what women need to know about negotiation better pay, saving for retirement, and protecting our assets.

Our experts:

Ellen Roseman (@ellenroseman) is a journalist who sticks up for ordinary Canadians. You can read her in the Toronto Star’s business section every Tuesday, and she teaches a Financial Basics workshop at Ryerson University twice a year.

Miranda Marquit (@MMarquit) is a freelance financial journalist and author. She has contributed to Forbes, NPR,, U.S. News & World Report, and other publications.

Jessica Moorhouse (@jessi_moorhouse) is a seasoned blogger and podcaster who is passionate about personal finance, money consciousness, and helping others get on track to reach their financial goals.

We’re excited to discuss YOUR questions about women and money.

Join us from 7 pm to 8 pm Eastern on Twitter, using the hashtag #IWDfinance. Not only will we address your money questions, but we will also give away four $100 pre-paid debit cards.