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How to not let your house become a target for Halloween pranks

By: Nelson Smith on October 18, 2016
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Ah, Halloween. The only day it’s acceptable for regular people to dress up like clowns, zombies, or superheroes. Well, except for Comic Con.

Even though law enforcement personnel are extra vigilant during that night, there are bound to be both kids and adults who feel the need to pull Halloween pranks. Some are harmless, like tossing toilet paper over a tree. Others, like throwing eggs at someone’s house, have more potential for damage and are a pain to clean up.

Here’s how you can keep your home safe this Halloween.

Stay at home

Many people decide to go out on Halloween, choosing to be pretty much anywhere other than at home handing out candy to a bunch of kids with terrible costumes. Dealing with trick-or-treaters is annoying, and, depending on your neighborhood, you might give out $50 or $100 worth of candy.

I can see why people get annoyed with the whole process.

But if you’re serious about protecting your home, you’ll not only want to stay there for the night, but you’ll also want to make sure everybody knows you’re around. Turn on your porch light, your living room light, and maybe a few bedroom lights as well. Let the place shine as bright as you can make it, and you’ll discourage the egg throwers and toilet paper artists.

This will be beneficial to the 99% of kids who don’t want to cause any trouble too. Lighting up the way to your door will ensure nobody trips or suffers any other injuries.

Give out good stuff

Halloween is sort of like an institutionalized form of blackmail. Kids won’t egg your house in exchange for getting free candy. It’s not a fair arrangement, but you have to put up with it.

This means that you’re stuck giving out something kids want to eat. Don’t try to elevate yourself to a higher level and give out apples. Those apples probably won’t come back at your door once you close it, but on Halloween, why take the chance?

Get a motion sensor

Many of the older kids wait until everyone is asleep on Halloween night to pull off their shenanigans. This makes sense; if there are fewer people around, they’re less likely to get caught.

Good thing there’s a way to combat this without keeping your lights on all night. A motion sensor will go off when somebody gets near your door and that should be enough to scare off any potential trouble makers.

Buy insurance

For years in my small town, local kids raising money for various school events offered Halloween insurance.

For a low premium of say $20 — businesses paid more, obviously — the kids would take on the responsibility of cleaning up after any eggers, toilet paper artists, or apple throwers. It offered peace of mind, and if it turns out the insurance premium was paid out for naught, at least a homeowner can feel nice about supporting a good cause.

So ask around; I’m sure somebody in your city is offering Halloween insurance.


Keeping your home safe during Halloween really comes down to one thing — light. As long as you keep your home and yard well lit, you’ll protect both yourself and others from those who go bump in the night.