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More Canadians are using credit cards than ever before. From everyday grocery and gas purchases to complicated transactions like foreign currency conversions and online bookings, credit cards have become an integral part of modern life.

But the sheer variety of credit cards available to Canadians can be overwhelming. So we partnered with Canada’s leading credit card providers to help you weed through the plastic landscape and find the right card. Content goes here

Get to know your credit card options

There’s a card for everyone.

Low-interest credit cards are the most popular type of card in Canada, and they’re a great choice for anyone with good credit scores. With the right low interest credit card, you can continue building your credit while keeping your interest charges to a minimum.

We also have cards tailored to consumers with poor credit ratings or very little credit history. While the interest rates on these credit cards tend to be higher than average, they’re a great starting point for those who want to improve their credit scores.

Likewise, student credit cards are ideal for consumers who don’t have particularly impressive credit histories, but are attending school.

Of course, points rewards cards remain popular with consumers, and air miles, travel rewards, and cash back cards make up a large and growing share of the card market.

One interesting credit card trend is the rise of specialty rewards programs. Particularly popular with retailers, specialty rewards credit cards earn you points, rewards, and perks at a specific merchant.


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