Shopping for car insurance online vs. shopping offline

Getting car insurance used to be an arduous process.

Here’s what house prices could look like in 10 years

At current prices, buying a home in Canada is nearly out of reach for a huge chunk of the population. With the seemingly unstoppable upwards growth of the overall housing market the potential home buyer really only wants to know one thing: will things ever get better?

How does operating Airbnb impact your home insurance?

Airbnb has brought vacationing to the next level.

Turo the “AirBnB for cars” comes to Canada

In the United States, the sharing economy is taking off at a healthy pace with multiple companies competing in multiple spaces at a time. In Canada things are little less mature with only the more popular services making their way up from the south. Now another app is coming to Canada: Turo.

The best Canadian student credit cards in 2016

I signed up for a student credit card as soon as I turned 18. I didn’t know how building credit worked. I just knew somehow that I needed a credit card. I also wanted to look cool when I went out with my friends. I believe that credit cards can be the best financial tool for you in your 20s – if you use them responsibly.

Ontario auto insurance is about to get cheaper

Good news from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario: average approved auto insurance rate changes are in and it looks like the majority of insurers will be lowering their premiums in just over a month

What you need to know about insurance for business use of your car

In Canada, you are required to carry car insurance. You know you need to cover your personal car use, but are you properly covered if you are using your car for business purposes?

GM recalling more than 1 million pickups over seat belt issue

Defective seat belts have caused General Motors to recall a million unsafe pickup trucks.

Everything you need to know about choosing a financial advisor

Why would you need a financial advisor? When asking this question, you might as well ask why you need a doctor, a lawyer, an auto mechanic or a personal trainer.

Average home price jumps past $500k mark

In February the federal government made changes to minimum down payment rules in order to curb the purchase of high-priced homes by those that can’t properly afford them. Now, it seems that the average home in Canada falls into that category.