What to know about getting a mortgage when buying a co-op

Not every property in Canada is a standalone house or a condo. There are thousands of housing co-ops across the country.

How fintech will change the insurance industry

In 2016 you can find romance on a 5-inch phone screen, broadcast television is all but irrelevant, and social media keeps us plugged into pop culture and current events 24/7. It’s also changed the way people do business. While the disruption is being felt in many sectors, the financial services industry is only now beginning to evolve.

What you need to know about car insurance in Manitoba

Car insurance in Canada is mandatory. However, there isn’t one set of rules about car coverage. Each province is different, and it’s important to know what to expect, depending on where you live.

Aviva partners up for free emergency preparedness app

When it comes to protecting your home, nothing pays like being prepared. That’s why it’s cool that Aviva Canada and the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) have partnered up to create an app that will hopefully reduce the amount of property damage Canadians get thanks to severe weather.

5 Strategies for getting control of your debt

Do you want get a handle on your debt so that you can finally travel more or go out without feeling so guilty about your money? You don’t have to let your debt manage you.

HIV life insurance comes to Canada

For many decades there has been a stigma around HIV. Not only was it an misunderstood, near-untreatable, and deadly disease, but it was looked upon with fear and hatred. Now that it’s 2016 things are very different.

6 Ways to boost financial empowerment for women

It’s no secret that women manage money differently than men. Women tend to be more cautious with their finances and are afraid of making big mistakes. The desire for security over power often leads to women deferring or handing off financial matters to their spouse or advisor.

Volkswagen USA offers to buy back cheating diesels

One of the largest automotive scandals of 2015 has come closer to a conclusion as Volkswagen USA announced their offer to buy back or fix the nearly 600,000 emissions-test-cheating diesel cars that they’ve sold in the U.S.

Study proves higher speed limits are more deadly

Automotive safety technology has come a long way over the years, greatly reducing the chance of fatalities from collisions. Because of this, some may think it would be okay to increase the speed limits. They’d be wrong.

Hey Uber riders, watch out for the “puke scam”

When people have had a good night out on the town and need a ride home, more and more are turning to Uber for its convenience despite the fact it operates without regulation. However, customers should beware, because some of Uber’s drivers aren’t very honest.