5 Ways to make your home work for you

The cost of owning a home is higher than ever in Canada, and if you’re a young, first time buyer in one of Canada’s major cities, chances are you’re stretching your dollar to afford your house. Thankfully in 2016 there are a bunch of ways to help offset the costs of home ownership.

Ottawa gives green-light to ride-sharing regulations

The city of Ottawa announced earlier this week that it has approved new vehicle-for-hire regulations that will allow private transportation companies (PTCs) like Uber to operate legally in the city should they abide the rules.

What you need to know about mandatory car insurance in Canada

Canadian drivers are legally obligated to carry basic auto insurance coverage on their vehicles. But because each province and territory has its own legislation and rules, auto insurance can look much different from one province to the next.

What to know about buying an electric car

The green movement is coming; some may even say it's already here. With people eating healthy, recycling whenever possible, and installing energy efficient appliances in their homes, buying an electric car is the next logical step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Toronto’s millennials plan to own homes in the city, prices be damned

Buying a decently-sized home in Toronto is no small thing. The latest average price for a condo is just over $400,000 and homes only get costlier from there.

Interest rate remains at 0.5%The Bank of Canada has decided to hold interest rates steady at an overnight rate of 0.5%. Correspondingly the Bank Rate remains 0.75% and a deposit rate of 0.25%.

eat healthy for cheap“Pack your own lunch.”

Ford F-150 sets bar for full size pickup truck safetyFord pickup trucks and the F-150 in particular have been some of Canada’s most popular vehicles for years, so it should feel good for those who own the latest model to know they are driving the safest pickup truck on the market.

Tax mistakes you can avoidAre you one of those people who procrastinates? If so, you could wind up making costly last minute tax mistakes.

self-driving car better night driving Today, Ford announced that it will be the first manufacturer to make use of new LiDAR sensors that allow a vehicle to navigate even when it can’t rely on cameras or radar in conditions where sight is impossible.