toronto sales and prices increase in MarchIn 2015 the Toronto housing market grew like it never had before shattering previous records for higher sales, higher prices, and rate of growth. This year it looks like it might do it all over again.

Toronto proposes regulations to legalize Uber Progress has finally been made in Toronto’s ongoing Uber saga. After numerous protests and endless debates, the city is finally putting forth a draft regulations that would level the playing field between UberX and taxis in the city.

self-driving kit gets funding

DIY culture is pretty popular, but while some people are content with simply making their friends or themselves a new sweater or jewellry, some people prefer to take on home projects that are a little more complex. George Hotz is one such person. Last year he made headlines for turning his car into an autonomous car with cheap off-the-shelf parts, and if he has his way, you’ll be able to do it too.

How to get your car ready for spring driving

Your car has taken a beating during the winter months, and now it needs a little TLC.

Cheap spring break“I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start spreading rumours to my dogs.” – Andy Warhol

Millennial real estate adviceFor many millennials in Canada growing up and gaining financial and emotional independence is a constant challenge. Toronto and Vancouver represent two of Canada’s biggest centres for young professionals and both cities are enjoying strong economic growth. However both cities have also become highly expensive places to live.

Vancouver market grows at relentless paceLast month existing home sales in Vancouver have reached a record high and along with the prices too.

The future of money lending and borrowingDo you remember the last time you walked into a brick-and-mortar bank branch to borrow money?

Traptap detects speed trapsThere are plenty of annoying things about driving: traffic jams, bad drivers, and of course the expense of it all with gas prices and insurance premiums. And that’s before we include the occasional ticket or two.

Young drivers at bigger risk of This doesn’t sound like it makes sense, but apparently teaching young people advanced driving skills actually makes them more likely to crash into things than regular young drivers.