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The Agent was very kind and helpful!
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Great customer care she is good 👍
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The CIBC advantage.

CIBC offers more than 20 cards guaranteeing you’ll find one that suits your needs. The bank has cemented its reputation as an innovator in the credit card rewards space, so keep an eye out for new CIBC credit card deals, products and rewards to start taking advantage of all the best CIBC credit card benefits. Compare CIBC’s top credit cards in Canada and discover your CIBC credit card options.

Get cash back

If earning cash back is important to you, CIBC has a number of cards under the Dividend® Visa brand that fall into this category. The most notable cash back card from this suite is the Dividend® Visa Infinite* Card: cardholders can earn 4% cash back on gas and grocery purchases, one of the highest earn rates of any credit card on the market. Plus, the $120 annual fee is rebated for the first year for you and up to three authorized users. CIBC also offers a Platinum version, as well as the more basic CIBC Dividend® Visa* Card. Best of all, when you use a CIBC cash back credit card, there’s no limit on how much cash back you can earn.

First-class travel rewards

CIBC has a solid roster of travel rewards cards that provide extended insurance coverage and enhanced security features, which prevents thieves from accessing your account details while you’re on the road. The CIBC Aerogold® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card features the most robust insurance package of all the CIBC-branded credit cards. Card-membership entitles you to out-of-province emergency medical, trip cancellation and other safeguards. But you’re not limited to collecting Aeroplan points when you apply for a credit card with CIBC — the Aventura program, CIBC’s signature points program, is well-represented in CIBC’s roster of cards. Collecting Aventura Points through the CIBC Aventura® Visa* Infinite* Card will grant you access to luxury travel worldwide and hotel benefits for an annual fee of $139 (which is rebated for the first year for you and up to three authorized users). And CIBC’s generous welcome offers for its Aventura cards means there’s ample potential to rack up points quickly. You can check out the latest CIBC credit card offers and promotions on the CIBC website.

Travel points that never expire

You’ll never have to worry about CIBC Aventura Points expiring; they won’t. So go ahead, collect points and redeem them when you’re ready. Aventura Points can be redeemed for more than just flights — you can also redeem your points for hotels, car rentals and weekend getaways.

Choosing the right CIBC credit card

Doing a side-by-side comparison of CIBC credit cards will allow you to choose the right card. When you make your in-store and online payments with a CIBC credit card, you enjoy the flexibility of going cashless.

Here are the following types of credit cards CIBC offers:

  • CIBC no annual fee credit cards: If you’re not keen on paying annual credit card fees, CIBC gives you the option of no annual fee credit cards. This allows you to enjoy the full flexibility of paying with a credit card, without having to shell out any extra money to cover a yearly fee.
  • CIBC rewards credit cards: CIBC has a wide range of rewards credit cards, allowing you to pick the kind of credit card rewards you’re most likely to use, such as CIBC reward points credit cards or a CIBC travel rewards credit card.
  • CIBC low interest rate credit cards: CIBC low interest credit cards allow you to avoid paying hefty interest charges if you tend to carry a balance on your credit card statement from month to month. This will help you pay down your balance faster, improving your overall credit.
  • CIBC travel credit cards: If you’re a keen traveller, why not earn travel rewards through a CIBC travel credit card and make your trips more enjoyable? With a CIBC travel credit card, enjoy low exchange rates, airport lounge access, travel upgrades, travel rewards and much more.
  • CIBC cash back credit cards: With a CIBC cash back credit card you’ll earn cash back on all eligible purchases, instantly saving money.
  • CIBC student credit cards: Start building your credit and practice positive credit card habits with a CIBC student credit card.

How to apply for a CIBC credit card online

You can apply for a new CIBC credit card by simply by completing a CIBC credit card application online on the CIBC website.

To complete your online credit card application, you’ll need to give the following information:

  • Your legal name
  • Your current and previous addresses
  • Your annual income
  • Your employment details

CIBC will use the information provided to pull your personal credit details and review your overall eligibility for the applied CIBC credit card and credit limit. Please note, a hard credit check can temporarily drop your credit score, but that should bounce back if you don’t miss any of your credit card payments.

Once you pass the CIBC credit card eligibility check, you’ll receive your new card in the mail. Follow the CIBC credit card activation steps and you’ll be ready to go.

About CIBC

CIBC was formed in 1961 through the merger of the Canadian Bank of Commerce and the Imperial Bank of Canada. Now the fifth largest national bank by deposits, CIBC has a reputation for being on the cutting-edge. Its track record of deploying new technologies and products into the typically risk-averse Canadian market is sizeable. Case in point: it was the first bank in Canada to introduce 24-hour ATMs. CIBC is also the only Canadian bank to form an alliance with a major grocery chain to create an entirely new bank: the partnership between CIBC and Loblaws resulted in President’s Choice Financial. CIBC has one of the most robust credit card portfolios through its partnerships with Visa and MasterCard offering you both CIBC Mastercard credit cards and CIBC Visa credit cards. CIBC does not currently offer any CIBC Amex credit cards, please visit the CIBC credit card website for more information.

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