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The American Express advantage.

American Express is known for exclusivity — not everyone takes Amex credit cards, not everyone spends with one, and not everyone gets to enjoy their world-class perks. So even though Amex credit cards are not accepted in as many places as MasterCard or Visa cards are, that’s more than made up for by the fact that the cards offer Canadians some of the best rewards in the industry. Please check the American Express site for more information on where you can use your American Express credit cards.

Plus, Amex credit cards boast enviable non-reward perks too, like free travel credits, preferred hotel memberships, and much more. You can easily compare the best American Express credit cards in Canada on LowestRates.ca to find the perfect card for all your spending needs.

Here’s what you’re getting when you choose an American Express credit card.

Membership Rewards®

Amex’s classic charge cards, like the American Express® Business Gold Rewards Card, allow you to automatically collect Membership Rewards — points that never expire and that can be redeemed for brand-name merchandise, gift cards, or top-of-the-line entertainment rewards. You can also use your Membership Rewards to pay for flights and hotel bookings, or you can convert them into Aeroplan points or Air Miles.

Travel partnerships

As an added convenience for credit card holders, Amex has partnerships with Canada’s two major travel loyalty programs: Air Miles and Aeroplan. If you’re a frequent flyer who constantly craves new horizons, or you travel all the time for business, here’s why you should take advantage of Amex’s Air Miles or Aeroplan rewards cards. Check the latest American Express credit card deals on LowestRates.ca to find the perfect travel credit card today.

Air Miles

More than 100 companies integrate with Air Miles — Canada’s largest coalition loyalty program — which means you can earn Rewards Miles quickly just for using your Amex credit card. Try the American Express® AIR MILES® Credit Card or the American Express® AIR MILES® Platinum Credit Card and redeem your Air Miles for flight and hotel discounts or for retail merchandise.


Use an Amex Aeroplan rewards card — like the American Express® AeroplanPlus® Card or the American Express® AeroplanPlus® Platinum Card — to increase your miles without changing your spending habits. Originally an incentive program just for Air Canada’s frequent flyers, Aeroplan is now a major loyalty network, partnering with retail partners like Costco, Esso, Home Hardware, Delta Hotels and more than 200 other partners. Use your Aeroplan Miles® for plane tickets, car rentals, hotels, gift cards, merchandise, or experiences.

Apple Pay

“Don't leave home without it” has been the call of American Express credit cards for more than three decades and now this rule is even easier to follow: Amex credit cards are available on Apple Pay. You can digitally store your card and use your Apple device to pay for purchases.

Choosing the right American Express credit card

If you’re unsure about which American Express credit card to pick, you can easily view side by side comparisons of the best American Express credit cards in Canada.

Here are the different types of American Express cards:

  • American Express Aeroplan credit cards: Earn bonus Aeroplan points on all eligible purchases with an American Express Aeroplan credit card and put your points towards great travel rewards such as domestic and international flights, hotel upgrades and accommodation etc. You also enjoy amazing Air Canda travel benefits when you travel with your American Express Aeroplan credit card.
  • American Express travel rewards credit cards: Whether you travel frequently, for business or for pleasure, American Express travel credit cards allow you to enjoy amazing travel perks and benefits such as travel insurance, low exchange rates, concierge services, lounge access and much more.
  • American Express AIR MILES credit cards: Easily earn Air Miles on every eligible purchase you charge to your AIR MILES American Express credit card and redeem your Air Miles for amazing rewards such as travel tickets, gift cards etc.
  • American Express cash back credit cards: Enjoy cash back on every eligible purchase with a cash back credit card from American Express and start maximizing the value of your money today.
  • American Express no annual fee credit cards: Having an American Express no annual fee credit card allows you to enjoy the convenience of using a credit card and being an American Express Card Member, without the added annual fee.
  • American Express low interest rate credit cards: If you tend to carry a credit card balance on your credit card, a low interest rate credit card from American Express can help you save money on credit card interest.

How to apply for an American Express credit card online

You can apply for a new American Express credit card by simply by completing an American Express credit card application through LowestRates.ca.

To complete your online credit card application, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your legal name
  • Your current and previous addresses
  • Your annual income (gross)
  • Your employment details

American Express will use your personal information to pull your credit information and review your overall eligibility for the applied American Express credit card and credit limit. Such hard credit checks can temporarily drop your credit score, but that should bounce back as long as you don’t miss any credit card payments.

Once you pass the American Express credit card eligibility check, you’ll receive your new card in the mail.

What credit score do you need for an American Express credit card?

When you’re applying for an American Express credit card, a credit score of 670 or higher is usually required to pass the American Express eligibility check.

How to use your American Express credit card online

Just like you would use any other credit card, you can easily use your American Express credit card to make online payments. Most American Express credit cards have their secure four-digit CVV code printed on the front. The CVV code is usually required to securely complete online credit card purchases. When you make a purchase online, avoid saving your credit card information on the site to keep your card information safe.

About American Express

American Express is one of the most venerable credit card companies in the world, but it actually began as an express mail service in Buffalo, NY. Two of its founders, Henry Wells and William Fargo, later formed the bank Wells Fargo and Co. Amex launched a money order business in the late 1880s, taking its first step toward modern-day finance. Amex issued the first Amex travellers' cheques in 1891, and it has been an active player in the finance world ever since, introducing its first credit card in 1958, its first Amex Gold card in 1966, and its first Platinum Card® in 1984. Explore our Amex card offers above.

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