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The Home Trust advantage.

Home Trust specializes in offering financial products and services to people who can’t access credit through the major banks. This is typically due to having poor credit or no credit history. This includes new Canadians, but also those who are self-employed. Best of all, Home Trust secured credit cards come with benefits. The trust company provides consumers Home Trust Visa credit cards through its partnership with Visa. Home Trust currently does not offer any Home Trust MasterCard credit cards or Home Trust Amex credit cards. Please visit the Home Trust credit card site for more information.

Here’s what you get when you choose Home Trust for your credit card needs.

Unique credit options

People with credit issues must put down a deposit when opening a credit card with a non-traditional lender — that’s how secured credit cards work. With Home Trust, you can use the equity in your home to obtain a secured card. According to Home Trust, many clients report finding this option helpful in financing big expenses, such as home renovations, consolidating debt, business expenses, and more. Explore all the best Home Trust credit card deals and promotions.

Earn cash back

Just because it’s a secured credit card doesn’t mean you don’t get the benefits of rewards to go with it: you can earn 1% cash back on everything you buy with your Home Trust credit card.

Up-to-date banking options

Home Trust cardholders can view and pay their bills online. You can also use the cards to withdraw cash at any ATM displaying the Visa logo. Just like any other credit card, your Home Trust card is insured in case of an emergency. Cardholders are also entitled to health and legal services.

Financial freedom

This is the company you turn to when you want to build stability. Home Trust’s specialty is providing accessible products that help you improve your credit, which in turn makes your life easier.

Choosing the right Home Trust credit card

LowestRates.ca allows you to easily do side by side comparisons of the best Home Trust credit cards in Canada. Here are some of noteworthy features that come with a Home Trust credit card:

  • Zero foreign exchange fees: Enjoy low exchange rates with a Home Trust credit card, as you won’t have to pay any transaction fees when you pay in foreign currency.
  • Low interest rates: Home Trust credit cards have standard interest rates, allowing you to avoid high interest charges on your credit card balance. This makes paying down your credit card balance easier, improving your credit utilization ratio, and your credit score.
  • Worldwide acceptance: Home Trust Visa credit cards are widely accepted around the world, allowing you to use them at any store or site that accepts Visa cards.
  • Choose your credit limit: Since your deposit dictates your credit limit, you have full control over your credit limit.
  • Build your credit: Increase your personal credit score with your secured Home Trust credit card by making regular credit card payments.
  • No annual fee: Home Trust offers no annual fee Home Trust credit cards, saving you money.

How to apply for a Home Trust credit card online 

You can apply for a new Home Trust credit card by simply clicking the “Apply Now” button and completing an online Home Trust credit card application through LowestRates.ca. 

You’ll need to provide the following information in your application:

  • Your legal name  
  • Your current and previous addresses  
  • Your annual income (gross)   
  • Your employment details  

The credit card lender will use the given information to see your personal credit information and review your overall eligibility for the applied Home Trust credit card and credit limit. Please keep in mind, such hard credit checks can temporarily lower your credit score, but as long as you don’t miss any credit card payments, your score should bounce back.

Once you pass the Home Trust credit card eligibility check, you’ll receive your new card in the mail. Then simply follow the Home Trust credit card activation steps to activate your card.

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