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The MBNA advantage.

You’re in good company with MBNA Canada. MBNA, now a division of the Toronto-Dominion Bank, is one of the country’s leading providers for both co-branded and affinity credit card programs. Its association with hundreds of Canadian organizations, credit unions, financial institutions, sports associations, educational institutions, and charities make this brand a top choice for credit card shoppers — especially if you like credit cards with specialized perks and affiliations.

Take a look at the other benefits you get when you choose MBNA.


With more than 50 credit cards offerings, MBNA gives you a lot of options. And we’re not just talking about rewards and no-fee options (although MBNA has both). We’re also talking about its extensive affinity partnerships, which let you pick cards affiliated with the organizations you care about most.

Affinity partnerships

MBNA’s wide selection of co-branded credit cards means whether you’re an alumnus at one of its partner universities or you love Harley-Davidson motorcycles, MBNA’s got a card for you. And you’ve got a lot of opportunities to earn cool perks or contribute to great causes — you could apply for one of MBNA’s specialty cards and earn fan perks for your favourite team or you could sign up for one of MBNA’s alumni cards and give back to your alma mater.

MBNA Rewards

MBNA offers the flexibility of its very own rewards program. If you apply for the MBNA Rewards MasterCard or MBNA Rewards World Elite, you can use your card to collect points for flights, hotels, merchandise, gift certificates, travel discounts, cash, or even charitable donations.

24-hour customer service

Lost your card? Concerned about suspicious activity? MBNA offers you peace of mind. If you’re an MBNA credit cardholder, you’ll be able to connect with a live agent 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About MBNA

MBNA, originally founded in the U.S. in 1982 as Maryland Bank, N.A, quickly grew to become the world’s largest independent credit card issuer, specializing in affinity cards. In 1997, MBNA expanded into Canada and became the country's single largest issuer of MasterCard credit cards. MBNA Canada was purchased in 2011 by TD Dominion Bank, giving TD a robust MasterCard portfolio to offer its customers.

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