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Best Variable Rate
Dash Mortgage

Dash Mortgage

Term 5 Year
Type Variable Closed
Rate 2.64%
Best Fixed Rate
Dash Mortgage

Dash Mortgage

Term 5 Year
Type Fixed Closed
Rate 2.42%
CanWise Financial

CanWise Financial

Term 5 Year
Type Fixed Closed
Rate 2.44%
CanWise Financial

CanWise Financial

Term 2 Year
Type Fixed Closed
Rate 2.48%
Dash Mortgage

Dash Mortgage

Term 3 Year
Type Fixed Closed
Rate 2.69%
Dash Mortgage

Dash Mortgage

Term 2 Year
Type Fixed Closed
Rate 2.69%
BMO Bank of Montreal

BMO Bank of Montreal

Term 5 Year
Type Fixed Closed
Rate 2.87%
First National

First National

Term 5 Year
Type Fixed Closed
Rate 2.89%


Term 5 Year
Type Fixed Closed
Rate 3.19%

Compare mortgage rates in Calgary.

With the resource sector under pressure, Calgary borrowers need low mortgage rates now more than ever. Fortunately, is here to help. With our free, no-obligation service, you can compare the lowest mortgage rates in Calgary from over 30 brokers and banks — just like that.

Variable or fixed: which is lower?

Wondering if you should shop for a variable rate or a fixed rate in Calgary? We can help you decide. Over the last two years, our variable rates have consistently been at least 0.5% lower than our fixed rates. With variable rates you pay less interest but also have less security if rates eventually go up.

On average, variable rates are almost half a percentage point lower than fixed rates.On a $400,000 mortgage that’s an average savings of:

$89 Per Month
$1,062 Per Year
$26,552 In a Lifetime

5-year fixed mortgage rate in Calgary vs 5-year variable rate from

MonthAverage 5-year fixed rateAverage 5-year variable rate
Nov 20152.32%2.04%
Dec 20152.43%2.08%
Jan 20162.43%2.07%
Feb 20162.39%2.1%
Mar 20162.38%2.09%
Apr 20162.30%2.07%
May 20162.32%2.04%
June 20162.23%1.96%
July 20162.20%1.94%
Aug 20162.17%1.93%
Sept 20162.17%1.95%
Oct 20162.13%1.94%

Focus On

Calgary housing.

Calgary's housing market is still dealing with lower oil prices and widespread cutbacks in oil and gas jobs. Residential real estate is now firmly in a buyer's market, a condition not seen in Calgary since the recession in 2008 and 2009.

Condos and two-storey homes in Calgary are still priced higher than in most other Canadian cities, with the noticeable exception of Toronto and Vancouver.

Single-Detached Home and Condo Prices by City


Calgary’s average home prices have bumped up and down for the last few years. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) latest report says the average cost of a home is close to $475,000, a minor increase compared to last year when the region was dealing with the initial impact of the oilpatch downturn.

Average Home Prices in Calgary

DateHome Prices

A new detached home in Calgary lists for a whopping $720,000, on average. The housing market took a hit after economic slowdown in the region, but average sale prices for detached homes have managed to stay near peak levels. The CMHC predicts slightly rising sale prices in 2017, so now may be the time to look for a home in Calgary.

New Home Prices in Calgary, Single-Detached

2016 (F)$720,000

Your Calgary mortgage questions, answered.

Variable or fixed: which is more popular?

Recent data shows that shoppers are split between variable rates and fixed rates. Of the hundreds of thousands of Calgary borrowers who have inquired about mortgages at, 50% have chosen 5-year fixed rates over 5-year variable rates.

5-Year Fixed Rates vs. 5-Year Variable Rates in Calgary: Who Takes What?✝

of Calgary borrowers apply for 5-year variable mortgages
of Calgary borrowers apply for 5-year fixed mortgages

✝Based on borrowers in Calgary who applied for a mortgage at since 2014.

About Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Canada. Visitors and residents in 'cow-town,' as it is affectionately known, can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains and the city’s many highlight events: the Calgary Stampede, the Calgary Folk Music Festival, and the Calgary International Film Festival.

The city is also home to the nation's oil and gas industry, which, although it has seen some difficulty in recent years, is still a major driver of Canada's economic growth and a key source of employment in Alberta. One in 16 jobs in Alberta is related to the energy industry, according to the Conference Board of Canada.

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