What Canadian homeowners can claim on their taxes

As a new homeowner, understanding the nuances of homeownership and its relationship to taxes can feel like a tricky area to step into. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll help you navigate this complex landscape. 

What is mortgage insurance? 

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What you need to know about transferring a mortgage

Transferring a mortgage and breaking a mortgage are two different things. And one comes with penalties.

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Modern advancements have turned cars into places of leisure and convenience. You can settle into warm seats on a chilly winter day, call your spouse hands-free on the way to work, and navigate to a restaurant you’ve never been to before entirely through your car’s centre console.

Comprehensive Home Insurance

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Comprehensive home insurance in Canada

Comprehensive (also called ‘all risk’) home insurance coverage covers your property and belongings from all loss, except some exclusions, which should be listed on your policy. It also provides coverage for your property’s secondary structures, such as a detached garage, guest house and so forth.

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How to get a comprehensive home insurance quote


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Home insurance news

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How insurance companies make money

While the premiums policyholders pay are primarily how insurance companies make money, this is just the starting point of the business model. After all, insurance companies have to make enough money to offset claim payments.

Things you can claim (but maybe thought you couldn’t) on your home insurance policy

Red wine spills. Frozen food spoilage. Freak thunderstorms that ruin your furniture. There’s a claim for that.

Prenups get a bad rap. Here’s why they shouldn’t

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