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Meet Travelers Canada

Even if you don’t recognize the name, you probably know Travelers Canada's iconic red umbrella logo. Which should be hardly surprising, considering The Travelers Companies has existed since 1853.

The Travelers name derives from the company's early days as a provider of travel insurance to railroad travelers — a far cry from the jet setters who get travel insurance today. Their journeys were risky enough to warrant the coverage, which is what brought Travelers into existence in Hartford, Conn. in 1864 (earlier operations were carried out by the St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co., which merged with Travelers in the early 2000s). Before long, it had morphed into a property and casualty insurer, with travel getting pushed to the periphery of its offerings. Today, Travelers is the second largest underwriter of U.S. commercial property casualty insurance.

Travelers joined the Canadian market more recently (2009), with a merger between St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company and Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada. That resulted in the creation of Travelers Canada, which now boasts approximately 1,700 employees across Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Dartmouth.

Auto insurance figures prominently in Travelers Canada's offerings. It has a diverse array of options for drivers, including discounts for those who have completed driver education, are insuring multiple cars, remain accident-free, and who wish to bundle policies.

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The Travelers advantage


No matter the type of automobile you drive, Travelers has you covered. Beyond personal vehicles, it insures classic and antique cars, motorhomes, and recreational vehicles such as four-wheel ATVs, snowmobiles, and personal use utility or camper trailers.

Travelers also offers specific discounts for policyholders whose profiles and vehicles satisfy certain requirements. Various discounts can be obtained by meeting one of the following requirements:

  • You have completed driver training.
  • You have a clean driving record (no convictions in the past three years and no at-fault accidents in the past six years).
  • You are retired (available only in Ontario).
  • You are insuring more than one car with Travelers Canada.
  • You have a child with limited access to the insured automobile while attending school college, or university.
  • You are insuring both your home and car with Travelers Canada.
Is there an app?

There is an app available. Travelers Mobile can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhones or from Google Play for Android phones. The app lets users perform the following functions:

  • View and download their Auto Insurance cards.
  • View and make payments.
  • Enroll in and manage an automatic payment plan.
  • View personal insurance policy documents.
  • View detailed coverage and policy information for select auto policies.
  • Change document delivery preferences.
  • Report a claim.
  • Get roadside assistance.
  • Contract a claim professional.
  • Link all personal insurance policies to a user ID.
  • Log in using Touch ID if their devices support it.
  • Log into the full website for additional services.

How to submit a claim with Travelers

Reporting a claim with Travelers Canada can be done either through the mobile app or with a claims agent directly through the national hotline.

  • Phone

    To make a claim over the phone: 1-800-661-5522

  • Clock

    Hours of availability: 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

What else does Travelers do?

Auto insurance is just one of the many products Travelers Canada offers. It also provides insurance coverage for homes, boats, groups, and businesses. All of Travelers’ products are distributed exclusively through brokers.

Travelers is also notable for being a proud and fervent supporter of amateur sports and has sponsored curling at all levels across Canada in various ways. Since moving into the Canadian market in 2009, the company has run the annual Travelers Curling Club Championship.

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