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Being a suburb outside the city of Toronto, driving is a big part of life in Vaughan. That means that car insurance is, too. Here’s who’s shopping for car insurance in Vaughan, based on data from

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Your questions about Vaughan car insurance, answered.

How much is car insurance in Vaughan?

There is no standardized cost for car insurance in Vaughan, because car insurance is an extremely customized product. Your premium will depend on a number of different factors — some which are in your control and some that are not — including how other drivers in Vaughan with the same car insurance company behave. Car insurance calculator tools geared for Vaughan drivers require less information, but this also makes them less accurate.If you're looking for a Vaughan car insurance calculator, scroll to the top of the page and use our quoter to compare car insurance rates and get the best price from the more than 30 companies we compare. Keep reading for more information on how you can roughly estimate your car insurance costs in Vaughan.

Which Vaughan postal code has the highest average premium?

The postal code with the highest average automobile insurance price in Vaughan is the L6A region. This is where you can find the famous Canada’s Wonderland and a number of golf clubs, including the Eagles Nest Golf Club and Maple Downs Golf and Country Club.

Which Vaughan postal code has the lowest average premium?

The L4K region pays the lowest prices for car insurance in Vaughan. Here you’ll find f one of Ontario’s largest malls, the Vaughan Mills Mall, which has been deemed a tourist attraction by the municipal government and is therefore open on holidays. This district also borders York University’s campus, one of Canada’s largest post-secondary institutions.

How do Vaughan car insurance rates compare to other cities in Ontario?

While Vaughan is located in Ontario — which is known for high car insurance premiums — other GTA suburbs pay more. Vaughan, as it turns out, doesn’t even make the top five. Here are the cities in the GTA that pay the highest for car insurance:

  1. Brampton
  2. Scarborough
  3. Etobicoke
  4. Mississauga
  5. Toronto

Where do I get the cheapest car insurance quotes in Vaughan?

Car insurance is an extremely customized product. This is because there are so many factors which come into play that are based on your unique circumstances. This is why there’s no one insurer that provides the best rates to all customers. Rather, it’s important to shop the market to ensure you’re going with a provider that favours your risk profile.

What does that mean? Different insurance companies will underwrite risk differently. Furthermore, your rate will also be based on the insurance provider’s loss ratios, which are calculated using the claims histories of your provider’s other customers. These factors can make finding affordable car insurance in Vaughan difficult.

While much of what goes into calculating your rate is out of your control, there are many things you can do to influence your car insurance rates. These include maintaining a good driving history and making your insurance payments on time.

This is where comparing the market comes in. By comparing the rates different car insurance companies are willing to offer you, you’ll get a sense of what you might pay with 30+ auto insurance companies serving Vaughan. The difference between them might surprise you.

What factors determine my car insurance rates in Vaughan?

There are a number of factors that determine your car insurance rates in Vaughan. Here are some to consider:

Your licence level: Not having a full licence will cause your premium to be higher. Conversely, having a full licence has a positive effect on your car insurance rates. New drivers looking for car insurance in Vaughan may see higher rates due to this. This is also why students who need car insurance in Vaughan may face challenges securing an affordable rate.

Your mileage: How much you drive everyday is another major contributor to what you’ll pay in auto insurance rates. Someone that’s driving 30-45 minutes to and from work each day will pay more in car insurance than someone who only uses their car to run the occasional errand.

Your postal code: Insurance companies determine your rates partially based on the postal code you live in. If your area generally has a higher concentration of claims, you may find yourself paying higher rates than people living in the next postal code over.

Your driving record: Your driving history is another factor that will weigh heavily on how much you pay for car insurance. Someone with an accident or multiple tickets on their record will pay more for insurance than someone with a clean record because they’ll be deemed higher risk. Having little driving experience (approximately less than 10 years), previous claims, and driving convictions will push your car insurance rates up. For this reason, car insurance rates for high-risk drivers in Vaughan may be higher than the average rate.

Your age: Like it or not, the younger you are, the more you’ll pay in car insurance (rates level out by age 30). This is because you’re considered a high risk driver until you’ve built up a driving history that demonstrates the opposite. There isn’t much you can do about it, but at least you’re not alone. Young people across Canada face the same high auto insurance rates than the more experienced drivers they share the road with. This is another reason why insurance companies don’t give new drivers in Vaughan a cheap rate on their car insurance.

However, being young isn’t the only way age can impact your car insurance rates. Adults between the ages of 50 and 70 get some of the lowest car insurance rates in Canada. If you belong to this demographic, you probably have a long history of being insured and you might even have bundled your home insurance policy with the same provider of your auto insurance. After age 70, rates begin to creep up because people in this age group are statistically more likely to need to file a claim and need longer to recover from an injury. Therefore, seniors in Vaughan who hold car insurance policies may have trouble getting the best rates.

Your policy: How much you pay in auto insurance is impacted by how much auto insurance you buy. There are a number of different policies to choose from in Vaughan, but everyone in Canada is required to have at least a basic level of car insurance.

Your insurance history: In addition to having a poor driving history, your insurance history can also play a role in determining your rates. If you’ve filed multiple claims or have a history of missing payments, you may be given a higher rate. Furthermore, new immigrants who need car insurance in Vaughan may also face challenges because they have no Canadian insurance history at all.

However, this can be mitigated by asking your last insurance company to provide a reference for you when switching to a new provider.

What types of auto insurance are offered in Vaughan?

Third party liability and accident benefits - This is a basic auto insurance policy. You must carry this type of insurance to legally operate a car in Ontario. It protects you should you injure someone else in a collision and pays for your medical costs. You must have liability benefits worth at least $200,000 and accident benefits worth at least $50,000.

Collision - Covers costs if your car is damaged in a collision.

Comprehensive - Covers costs if your car is damaged by things other than a collision, including theft, vandalism, or falling objects.

Specified perils - Protects your car from insurable risks that you specify you want in your policy. If it’s not written in the policy, it isn’t covered.

All perils - A hybrid between collision and comprehensive insurance. Offers coverage if your car is damaged in a collision or by any other insurable risk.

You can customize your car insurance quote to reflect any type of coverage.

What impacts your car insurance premiums in Vaughan?

  • Traffic and congestion: Traffic congestion in York Region led to the birth of the area's Bus Rapid Transit system, affectionately named "Viva" — Italian for "praised by everyone". As the city of Vaughan continues to grow, traffic congestion on roads will grow with it. This could, in turn, increase your car insurance premiums.
  • Where you live in Vaughan: The six communities that make up this city are listed separately: Woodbridge, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Maple, Thornhill, Concord, and Kleinburg. As your location may influence how much you’ll pay in car insurance premiums, you may find yourself paying more or less depending on which of these districts you live in.
  • Traffic violations: Being a growing city which also has a high volume of young families, there are many opportunities in Vaughan to incur traffic tickets. This will, in turn, increase your car insurance premiums. Therefore, be sure to watch out for cyclists on city roads and be mindful that the city of Vaughan participates in a Road Watch program, which allows residents to report illegal or dangerous driving behaviour.

Tips for reducing your car insurance premiums in Vaughan.

  • Avoid traffic violations: One of the best ways to reduce your car insurance premiums in Vaughan, but also anywhere else, is to maintain a solid driving history. With a higher number of cyclists and young drivers due to the many highschools in the area, Vaughan drivers may be at a higher risk of collisions. Avoid traffic convictions to ensure your car insurance rates are as competitive as possible
  • Take a defensive driving class: York Region has over 33 secondary schools in the area, which means a high density of student drivers on the roads. As a young driver, you can reduce your premiums by taking a drivers education course. Many high schools provide the option to do these courses as part of your school curriculum. In addition, maintaining a good GPA is a great way to show insurance companies that you’re responsible and reliable.
  • Bundle your home and auto insurance: Lastly, many homeowners choose to reduce their car insurance premiums by bundling car insurance with their home insurance policy. Most providers will allow you to do this.

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