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The Hope of a more cost saving policy
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Easy and friendly process.
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Honda auto insurance: what you need to know.

Thinking of buying a Honda? The cost of your car insurance is heavily dependent on the brand of vehicle you choose. But before buying a new car, it’s important to consider the cost of insurance for your Honda.

In Canada, the cost of insurance for your Honda is determined by the model? you’re looking to insure (is it a sports car or a station wagon?), its safety features, size, and overall value.

So don’t neglect to factor insurance costs in — you may even be able to afford a more expensive Honda model than you initially thought because of potential savings in insurance costs. One way to get the best price is to compare rates for Honda car insurance on, where we’ll do the heavy lifting by comparing rates from multiple car insurance companies in just a few minutes. All you have to do is pick one.

How much is auto insurance for a Honda?

You might be looking for the average insurance costs for a Honda. However, this figure won’t get you any closer to determining how much you could pay for insurance. This is because a multitude of variables determine how much you pay for car insurance for your Honda vehicle.

The car model you choose is just one of many variables that determine what your car insurance rates might be. We’ve provided sample quotes from real users for two of Honda's best-selling models so you can see at a glance the cost of insurance for Hondas.

We also included analysis from the Insurance Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to give you a better sense of the safety rankings for each vehicle. A car’s build quality can significantly impact vehicle insurance rates.

Estimated Premims for Honda Civic

Front view of a car. Illustration.

See how our customers with collision coverage save big on auto insurance.

CustomerLocationVehicleLowest rateAverage rateSaved
Quote from May 22, 2024
Female, 21 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate
Quote from May 22, 2024
Male, 31 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate
Quote from May 22, 2024
Male, 26 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate

Auto insurance quotes are compared from CAA, Coachman Insurance Company, Economical Insurance, Gore Mutual, Onlia Insurance, Pafco, Pembridge, SGI, Travelers, Zenith Insurance Company

About the Honda Civic

  • None of the recent models of the Honda Civic (i.e., the 4-door hatchback, the 4-door sedan or the 2-door coupe), were selected as Top Safety picks by the IIHS.
  • In the crash avoidance and mitigation category, each version of the 2020 model was given a poor rating for the performance of its headlights component.
  • According to the analysis completed by the IIHS, testing the vehicle on the straightaway revealed that visibility was fair on the right side of the road but inadequate on the left. Furthermore, the IIHS report stated that visibility was inadequate on curves during four different tests.
  • While the NHTSA has given the Civic positive scores across all four categories for several years in a row, it’s important to note that the association consistently docked the vehicle points for its performance in frontal crashes, which is consistent with the IIHS findings.
  • The starting price of a Honda Civic sedan is $18,390. The Honda Civic hatchback can be as expensive as $31,390 depending on the trim.

Estimated Premiums for Honda CR-V 

Front view of a car. Illustration.

See how our customers with collision coverage save big on auto insurance.

CustomerLocationVehicleLowest rateAverage rateSaved
Quote from May 22, 2024
Male, 30 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate
Quote from May 22, 2024
Female, 36 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate
Quote from May 21, 2024
Female, 20 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate

Auto insurance quotes are compared from CAA, Coachman Insurance Company, Economical Insurance, Gore Mutual, Onlia Insurance, Pafco, Pembridge, SGI, Travelers, Zenith Insurance Company

About the Honda CR-V

  • The Honda CR-V has been named a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS since 2015.
  • The 2019 model was awarded ‘good’ ratings across the board, except when it came to headlights and ease-of-use of its child seat anchors — both important aspects of crash avoidance and mitigation.
  • The vehicle’s headlights were given an acceptable-to-marginal rating depending on the trip and option selected by the driver at the time of purchase.
  • The child seat anchors were given an acceptable rating.
  • In addition, the NHTSA has awarded the Honda CR-V four or five stars across four different categories: frontal crash, side crash, rollover and recommended safety technology.
  • The prices can range from $28,690 for the base model to $42,590 for the high-end trim.

Your questions about Honda auto insurance rates, answered.

What is the cheapest Honda to insure?

The price of car insurance for a Honda can vary and it’s difficult to say which Honda model is the most cost-effective to insure. Whether you’re able to secure cheap car insurance for your Honda depends largely on your own personal driving and insurance history. However, it is still a factor. Other things that influence the rate you’re given for your Honda is the insurance broker or company you choose. Before you secure insurance for your Honda, check the reviews on Google to get a sense of the quality of your provider’s customer service.

Insurance companies across Canada use data collected by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) to determine which cars are the most and least risky to insure. While there are a number of other factors insurance providers consider, the type of vehicle you drive is definitely taken into account.

According to the 2019 CLEAR vehicle rating system created by the IBC, Honda Ridgeline is the cheapest Honda model to insure. In addition, both the Honda Pilot and the Honda CR-V cost below-average for almost each type of insurance coverage (comprehensive, accident benefits, direct compensation property damage and collision). On the other hand, the Honda Accord 2DR, the Camry and the Honda Civic Hatchback consistently cost above-average for every type of insurance available in Ontario.

What are the most common insurance claims made for a Honda?

Insurance coverage for your Honda may depend on the types of claims you anticipate. Plus, it’s difficult to answer this question because everyone drives differently. No matter which car you buy, your driving history will be unique. However, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) collects some information about the type and frequency of claims filed for specific cars.

Among smaller models, the Honda Civic has an above-average number of claims filed for personal injury and medical payments. Among mid-sized models, an above-average number of collision and comprehensive claims have been filed for the Honda Clarity PHEV 4dr.

Used vs. new Hondas: which is cheaper to insure?

How much is insurance for a Honda? While the wear and tear on the car you buy can contribute to your car insurance premiums, it’s not the only factor insurance companies will consider. However, whether you purchase a new or used Honda will have some bearing on your premiums.

In many cases, a new Honda will be more expensive to insure than a used Honda. This is because the parts will be more expensive to replace in the event of an accident or collision. your premiums will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as will the condition of your vehicle.

What is the best car insurance for a Honda?

The best car insurance policy for your Honda depends on the model you’re driving as well as your own personal circumstances. For instance, you’ll likely want to purchase more insurance for a brand new Acura (the luxury arm of Honda) as opposed to a used Honda Civic. Here’s some more information about what type of car insurance you need, and some additional coverages you may want.

In order to drive a vehicle, all Canadians must carry a basic level of third-party liability insurance. The required benefit may change depending on the province you live in.

Liability coverage protects you from insurance and legal costs if you injure another person in a collision. Accident benefits coverage, which is contained within third-party liability insurance, pays for your medical costs and provides you with replacement income if you are injured.

Based on your needs, you might want to add some of these coverages to your policy:

Collision insurance - This coverage provides compensation to be put towards a new car if yours is damaged in an accident.

Comprehensive insurance - This optional coverage pays for losses or damage to your car caused by things other than a collision: a fallen tree, a hail storm, or vandalism, for instance.

Extra car insurance can be worth purchasing if your car is a newer model. If it would be too expensive to pay for extensive repairs or to replace your car by paying out-of-pocket, extra insurance may be worth it.

Just remember that adding coverage will increase your auto insurance bill — but in some cases, that isn’t always a bad thing.

How are car insurance quotes for a Honda calculated?

Getting the best insurance rate for your Honda can be complicated and there is no quick and easy way to calculate premiums. This is because many different factors are taken into account. Your personal driving history will be the first thing considered by any insurance company. If you’ve ever been in a car accident or have any other driving offenses, this will bump up your premiums. However, other things will be considered that are out of your control. These include your age, gender and where you live. This is why insurance for young drivers of Honda vehicles will likely be more expensive. This will also include the loss ratios of the insurance company you’re working with. This refers to the amount your provider paid out in claims this year before, which means they’ll need to make up that number with income from premiums.

Lastly, the car you choose to drive may play a role in determining car insurance rates for your Honda. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) collects claims data from insurance companies and compiles it in a database known as the CLEAR system. This data is then referenced by insurance providers in determining which vehicles are more prone to accidents in any particular year. The previously listed factors are more significant in calculating your premium, but the type of car you drive still matters.

The best way to calculate car insurance for your Honda is to get a quote on By comparing Honda insurance quotes online, you’ll not only receive quotes provided from real car insurance providers, but you’ll be able to select the one that has the best car insurance rate for your Honda. Compare Honda insurance quotes today by entering your postal code and clicking the “Get Started” button.

Other factors that influence your auto insurance rate

Beyond the vehicle you choose to buy, a number of other factors can influence whether you get the best car insurance rates for your Honda. Some of these may include, your driving record, the age of your vehicle, your age, and where you live. Select a few of these factors and describe them here.

  • Vehicle model - Vehicles that have high safety ratings and score well on crash tests tend to have lower car insurance premiums. Oftentimes larger vehicles — think crossovers or SUVs — will have a lower insurance premium than a small sedan. A sports car that’s frequently targeted by thieves would also have a higher than average car insurance premium. You can save hundreds of dollars per year just by choosing a specific vehicle type.
  • Driving habits - Where and how often you drive your car can have an impact on your car insurance premium. If you only use the car for leisure and running errands you are more likely to have a lower premium than someone who uses their car for a long commute daily.
  • Driving record - If you have a good driving record you should be able to take advantage of lower insurance premiums. However, if you have made any claims in the past (especially at-fault accidents) on your auto insurance, or if you have parking tickets, convictions for driving offences, or any license suspensions on your record, you will be paying more.

Before your Honda insurance is up for renewal, be sure to compare rates on to see how much you can save.

Is it safe to buy Honda insurance online?

Shopping for Honda insurance online is safe and fast.

If you’re in the market to buy or your current Honda insurance is close to renewal, our secure online tool will provide quotes for Honda insurance from 50+ of Canada’s leading insurance providers. It takes most of our users three minutes or less.

After you receive your quotes, we’ll connect you with the agent or broker with your best Honda insurance rate.

On average, users are able to lower their car insurance bill by 30%. Compare Honda insurance quotes today and find out how much you can save.

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