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As the largest region in Ontario's Tri-City, Kitchener is a growing community located approximately 100 kilometres southwest of Toronto. The city is surrounded by many highways, including Highways 7 and 8, and Highway 85 just north of Kitchener in neighbouring Waterloo. Meanwhile, Highway 24 and Highway 401 run along Kitchener's southern border with Cambridge.

Downtown Kitchener gets very congested during rush hour. And for good reason. Popular streets narrow as you near the centre of town, areas surrounding Victoria Park are busy, and the Conestoga Parkway gets clogged depending on the time. Luckily, you know car insurance is cheaper in Kitchener than in many other Canadian cities. But you also know you can save money by shopping around at

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Most popular cars in Kitchener

Long commutes in and out of the city mean drivers in Kitchener need cars they can trust. According to data from, here are the most popular vehicles on the road in Kitchener.

Popular Brands

  1. Honda
  2. Mazda
  3. Dodge
  4. Hyundai
  5. Chevrolet

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Facts and myths about driving in Kitchener


  • King and Weber Street intersect near both the south end of Kitchener and the north end of Waterloo. If you're picking people up, know which end of the region they're expecting you from.
  • Homer Watson Boulevard helps students reach Conestoga College's main campus. The campus is located off the 401, but traffic on the off ramps backs up easily during the morning rush to classes. If you're coming from in town, stick to the boulevard.
  • Bingemans Campground is one of Kitchener's most popular attractions. It's located off Victoria Avenue East, so Bingemans is easy for drivers to get to via the Conestoga Parkway and Highway 7. Just remember, Bingemans only allows a maximum of six persons per campsite.


  • Kitchener's streets are the same as Waterloo's. False. While many of the major roads in KW do continue from one city into the other, the two municipalities are still technically separate from each other.
  • Kitchener doesn't have good public transit. False. Grand River Transit services the city, so you can reach most areas of Kitchener without using your car. Light Rail Transit is also in development and will run parallel with King Street.
  • Getting in and out of Kitchener is difficult. False. If you're travelling east, you can use Highway 7, and if you're going north or south, you can pass through Waterloo or Cambridge. Meanwhile, the Ontario government is committed to increasing GO Train service from Kitchener.

Kitchener driving tips

  1. Navigate roundabouts properly. Roundabouts were introduced to the Region of Waterloo in 2004, and many have popped up along major roads in Kitchener. Make sure you navigate roundabouts properly. Yield to vehicles already in them and stay in the same lane as you make your way through.
  2. Use the Conestoga Parkway to reach Waterloo. The roads in town can get congested and delay trips to work or school in the morning. The Conestoga Parkway is an expressway that runs through Kitchener and connects to Highway 85 heading north through Waterloo. If your job or class is in the neighbouring twin city, the Parkway can shave valuable time off your commute.
  3. Avoid downtown King Street. At the centre of the city, King Street narrows to one lane both ways in downtown Kitchener. The city is also planning to convert King Street into a pedestrian-friendly area, which will further inhibit the flow of traffic. Driving down King Street on a morning or afternoon workday can take longer than you planned, so plan another route.

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