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Kitchener is the largest region in Ontario’s Tri-City, located approximately 100 kilometres southwest of Toronto. A growing community, the city is surrounded by a number of highways.

With so many high-density transport routes in the area, it’s no wonder Kitchener drivers are looking for the cheapest rates on auto insurance. Once you get closer to downtown Kitchener, streets can get very congested due to the roads narrowing near the centre of town.

While car insurance rates in Kitchener are cheaper than in many Canadian cities, you can make sure you secure the best possible rate by comparing quotes on Luckily, there are lots of auto insurance companies serving Kitchener that may be a perfect fit. The best way to find out is to compare the market. At, you can find the cheapest car insurance prices from Kitchener car insurance brokers in your area — just like that.

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Most popular cars in Kitchener.

The population of the Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo area is about 600,000, and growing. Affordable living costs and a robust job market have made the Tri-City a popular destination. With a growing population — many of them young families — Kitchener drivers largely have a preference for sensible cars. Here are the most popular car brands in Kitchener, based on data from

Popular Brands

  1. Honda
  2. Toyota
  3. Hyundai
  4. Nissan
  5. Ford

Who shops for car insurance in Kitchener?

Kitchener is one of Ontario’s fastest growing regions with a thriving tech sector and a number of universities in the region. As a result, Kitchener drivers are diverse. Here’s a snapshot of who’s shopping for cheap auto insurance quotes in Kitchener.

Gender of our users


Average Age


years old

Tickets & Accidents

Have Tickets
Have Had Accidents

Your questions about Kitchener car insurance, answered.

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How much is car insurance in Kitchener?

There is no standardized cost for car insurance in Kitchener, because car insurance is an extremely customized product. Your premium will depend on a number of different factors — some which are in your control and some that are not — including the loss ratios of the car insurance company in Kitchener you’ve selected. Car insurance calculator tools geared for Kitchener drivers require less information, but this also makes them less accurate. Keep reading for more information on how you can roughly estimate your car insurance costs in Kitchener.

Which Kitchener postal code has the highest premiums?

The postal code with the highest average automobile insurance price in Kitchener is the region of N2C. The region borders Highway 8 and Homer Watson Blvd.

Which Kitchener postal code has the lowest premiums?

The N2H region pays the lowest prices for car insurance in Kitchener, according to data pulled from The Conestoga Parkway and King St. East borders the region. The N2H area also crosses over Victoria St. North.

How do Kitchener car insurance quotes compare to other cities in Ontario?

While Kitchener drivers may not pay as much as the residents of some Ontario cities, that doesn’t mean cheap car insurance is easy to find. For comparison’s sake, here are the Ontario cities that pay the most in car insurance based on data from

The most expensive cities to purchase car insurance in Ontario are:

  1. Brampton
  2. North York
  3. Mississauga
  4. Scarborough
  5. Toronto

These are the cities that pay the least for car insurance in Ontario:

  1. Ottawa
  2. Kingston
  3. Pembroke
  4. Cornwall
  5. Brockville

It’s true that where you live in Canada has some bearing on how much you’ll pay annually in car insurance, However, it’s not the only thing to keep in mind. In addition, your premiums can also be impacted by how much you drive, how old you are, your driving history, as well as a number of other factors.

While there are some things you can do to secure an affordable car insurance rate in Kitchener, some factors that are out of your control.

These include the insurance company’s loss ratios, which are influenced by the driving histories of their other customers as well as their underwriting standards. This is why, even when you do everything right, cheap auto insurance in Kitchener can be hard to come by.

Some basic steps you can take to lower your premiums can include; buying a car that’s not attractive to thieves and has good safety ratings; being a defensive driver; opting for a standard car insurance policy; make yourself eligible for discounts by installing winter tires and maintaining a high GPA if you’re a student.

Our basic advice is to focus on being a safe driver and to compare auto insurance quotes before you lock into a policy.

What factors determine my car insurance quotes in Kitchener?

There are a number of factors that determine your car insurance rates in Kitchener. Here’s are some to consider:

Your licence level: Not having a full licence will cause your premium to be higher. Conversely, having a full licence has a positive effect on your car insurance rates. New drivers looking for car insurance in Kitchener may see higher rates due to this factor. This is also why students who need car insurance in Kitchener may face challenges securing an affordable rate.

Your mileage: How much you drive everyday is another major contributor to what you’ll pay in auto insurance rates. Someone that’s driving 30-45 minutes to and from work each day will pay more in car insurance than someone who only uses their car to run the occasional errand.

Your postal code: Insurance companies determine your rates partially based on the postal code you live in. If your area generally has a higher concentration of claims, you may find yourself paying higher rates than people living in the next postal code over.

Your driving record: Your driving history is another factor that will weigh heavily on how much you pay for car insurance. Someone with an accident or multiple tickets on their record will pay more for insurance than someone with a clean record because they’ll be deemed higher risk. Having little driving experience (approximately less than 10 years), previous claims, and driving convictions will push your car insurance rates up. For this reason, car insurance rates for high-risk drivers in Kitchener may be higher than the average rate.

Your age: Like it or not, the younger you are, the more you’ll pay in car insurance (until you’re about 30). This is because you’re considered a high risk driver until you’ve built up a driving history that demonstrates the opposite. There isn’t much you can do about it, but at least you’re not alone. Young people across Canada face the same high auto insurance rates than the more experienced drivers they share the road with. This is another reason why insurance companies might be hesitant to give new drivers in Kitchener a cheap rate on their car insurance.

However, being young isn’t the only way age can impact your car insurance rates. Adults between the ages of 50 and 70 get some of the lowest car insurance rates in Canada. If you belong to this demographic, you probably have a long history of being insured and you might even have bundled your home insurance policy with the same provider of your auto insurance. After age 70, though, you might see your rate begin to creep up because people in this age group are statistically more likely to need to file a claim and need longer to recover from an injury. Therefore, seniors in Kitchener who hold car insurance policies may also pay higher rates due to a higher rate of accidents in this age group.

Your policy: How much you pay in auto insurance is impacted by how much auto insurance you buy. There are a number of different policies to choose from in Kitchener, but everyone in Canada is required to have at least a basic level of car insurance.

Your insurance history: In addition to having a poor driving history, your insurance history can also play a role in determining your rates. If you’ve filed multiple claims or have a history of missing payments, you may be given a higher rate. Furthermore, new immigrants who need car insurance in Kitchener may also face challenges because they have no Canadian insurance history at all.

What kind of car insurance do I need in Kitchener?

Third party liability and accident benefits - You must carry this type of insurance to legally operate a car in Ontario. This type of basic car insurance policy protects your liability if you injure someone else in a collision. It also pays for your medical costs. You must have liability benefits worth at least $200,000 and accident benefits worth at least $50,000.

Collision - Covers the cost to repair or replace your car if it is damaged in a collision.

Comprehensive - Covers costs if your car is damaged by things other than a collision, including theft, vandalism, or falling objects.

Specified perils - Protects your car from insurable risks that you specify you want in your policy. If it’s not written in the policy, it isn’t covered.

All perils - A hybrid between collision and comprehensive insurance. Offers coverage if your car is damaged in a collision or by any other insurable risk.

You can customize your car insurance quote to reflect any type of coverage.

Where do I get cheap car insurance quotes in Kitchener?

This is a tough question to answer, because there are a number of factors that contribute to your car insurance rate that you can control.

However, there are some you can’t. One example of a factor you can’t control is the loss ratio of the insurance company you choose to insure you. Each insurance company has its own loss ratio, which is composed of the claims histories of all its customers, and these ratios will partially determine what they’re willing to offer you.

Furthermore, every insurance company underwrites risk differently. This is why one of the fastest ways to find a cheap quote is to compare car insurance companies online. can help you do that. By using our site, you can find a company whose tolerance for risk is different from your car insurance provider. You might be surprised at how much money you can save when you take a few minutes to compare the market.

Facts and myths about driving in Kitchener


  • King and Weber Street intersect near both the south end of Kitchener and the north end of Waterloo. If you're picking people up, know which end of the region they're expecting you from.
  • Homer Watson Boulevard helps students reach Conestoga College's main campus. The campus is located off the 401, but traffic on the off ramps backs up easily during the morning rush to classes. If you're coming from in town, stick to the boulevard.
  • Bingemans Campground is one of Kitchener's most popular attractions. It's located off Victoria Avenue East, so Bingemans is easy for drivers to get to via the Conestoga Parkway and Highway 7. Just remember, Bingemans only allows a maximum of six persons per campsite.


  • Kitchener's streets are the same as Waterloo's. False. While many of the major roads in KW do continue from one city into the other, the two municipalities are still technically separate from each other.
  • Kitchener doesn't have good public transit. False. Grand River Transit services the city, so you can reach most areas of Kitchener without using your car. Light Rail Transit is also in development and will run parallel with King Street.
  • Getting in and out of Kitchener is difficult. False. If you're travelling east, you can use Highway 7, and if you're going north or south, you can pass through Waterloo or Cambridge. Meanwhile, the Ontario government is committed to increasing GO Train service from Kitchener.

What are some tips for driving in Kitchener?

  1. Navigate roundabouts properly. Roundabouts were introduced to the Region of Waterloo in 2004, and many have popped up along major roads in Kitchener. Make sure you navigate roundabouts properly. Yield to vehicles already in them and stay in the same lane as you make your way through.
  2. Use the Conestoga Parkway to reach Waterloo. The roads in town can get congested and delay trips to work or school in the morning. The Conestoga Parkway is an expressway that runs through Kitchener and connects to Highway 85 heading north through Waterloo. If your job or class is in the neighbouring twin city, the Parkway can shave valuable time off your commute.
  3. Avoid downtown King Street. At the centre of the city, King Street narrows to one lane both ways in downtown Kitchener. The city is also planning to convert King Street into a pedestrian-friendly area, which will further inhibit the flow of traffic. Driving down King Street on a morning or afternoon workday can take longer than you planned, so plan another route.

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