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Nestled comfortably near Ontario's Greenbelt, along the Niagara Escarpment, lies Brantford. For many drivers, the city is a convenient stop on the way to Buffalo and Detroit to the south or Hamilton and Toronto to the north. Highway 403 runs east-west through the city and lets drivers quickly reach Hamilton in the east or Woodstock in the west. Highway 24 runs north-south from Brantford, taking drivers to places like Cambridge and Simcoe.

Traffic can get congested in certain areas of Brantford, especially near the Grand River or other major roads near the 403. Many of Brantford's big tourist sites are located along roads like Wayne Gretzky Parkway, and they attract high volumes of traffic. But high volumes of traffic increase the risk for accidents. That's why drivers in Brantford need a great auto insurance policy. Luckily, you can compare quotes from all the top insurers using LowestRates.ca.

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Driving in Brantford: facts and myths

Fun facts
  • You can drive down Wayne Gretzky Parkway to get to the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre. And, yes, you guessed it: both the street and the center are named after NHL legend and Brantford native, Wayne Gretzky.
  • Turn off Brant Avenue or Colborne Street to reach Icomm Drive, which runs just south of Wilfred Laurier University's Brantford campus. Icomm Drive is also home to the OLG Casino Brantford.
  • Brantford hosts the largest Canada Day celebration in Brant County. The event has featured many iconic Canadian musicians, including Jeff Healey, Kim Mitchell, and April Wine.
  • Brantford is remote and hard to get to. False. It's easy to get to the city from the south and the west, especially after an extension of Highway 403 linked Brantford with the suburbs surrounding Hamilton.
  • Other than by car, there are few ways to travel to Brantford. False. Greyhound Canada services the city and Via Rail stops in downtown Brantford along the Quebec City-Windsor line.
  • Brantford isn’t getting new electric vehicle charging stations. False. The Government of Ontario is planning to install two more charging stations in Brantford. They’ll be located at a McDonalds and a Tim Horton’s.

Brantford driving tips

  1. Watch for hikers navigating on or around city trails. Brantford is often called the "Hub of Ontario trails": many paths that begin in Hamilton, Cambridge, or Simcoe extend through Brantford. These trails are made for walkers and cyclists, so stay vigilant if you're driving nearby.
  2. Be careful when you drive around Harmony Square. In the summer and winter, many events, like splash pad sessions, movies, music, and ice skating, take place at Harmony Square in Brantford. People attending these events sometimes spill onto the road, so pay attention as you drive around Dalhousie or Colborne Streets.
  3. Brantford Municipal Airport is a short drive west out of town. If you're flying out of Brantford Airport or plan to attend one of the Royal Canadian Air Force air shows, it's just a quick drive out of town. If you make the trip, you might also see an occasional show from the special aerobatic team, the Snowbirds.
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