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Get quotes from 50+ Canadian providers in 3 minutes.

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How comparing auto insurance quotes works. Hint: it’s free!


Next, we’ll show you quotes from 50+ Canadian providers. It’s free, with no commitment.


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Use the Nova Scotia car insurance calculator to save money

Trying to figure out the cost of car insurance in Nova Scotia? Since every car insurance company calculates the price of premiums differently, we recommend comparing insurance quotes using our calculator tool.

The car insurance calculator does more than find the average car insurance rate in your province. Our calculator tool is also a quoter.  We'll find your lowest rate so you can save money on your car insurance payments.

Drivers in Nova Scotia can get a car insurance estimate with our calculator-quoter by entering their postal code above and clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button.

This page will prepare you to answer the questions in each section so that you find the lowest rate and save on your car insurance premiums.

Remember, the best way to find the best rate with our Nova Scotia car insurance calculator is to verify all the information you’re providing is accurate. 

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Nova Scotia car insurance calculator questions

How to use our NS car insurance calculator to save money and get the cheapest rate.

By using’s free, no-obligation Nova Scotia car insurance estimator, drivers can save hundreds of dollars annually on car insurance.

Our Nova Scotia auto insurance calculator is divided into three stages:

  1. The first one asks for information about the car
  2. Next, we need information about the driver
  3. Finally, we’ll see if you qualify for any discounts

1. Vehicle information

The first part of our Nova Scotia vehicle insurance calculator requires basic information about the car you want to insure.

Insurance companies can determine how much it will cost to insure your car based on the make and model. With this information, insurance companies can also predict the likelihood your car will be written off as a total loss. Other factors include the likelihood of theft, the cost of repairs, and the overall safety record of the car.

Here’s what you’ll be asked:

  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • If the vehicle is leased
  • Vehicle purchase date
  • The primary use of the vehicle
  • How many kilometres are driven to work or school one way (each day)
  • The total number of kilometres driven each year
  • Whether you would like your insurance to include comprehensive and/or collision coverage

Tips on how to answer these questions:

  • Research the vehicle you're looking to insure. You may face higher premiums if you buy a car that’s often targeted by thieves. Choose a car with more safety and security features.
  • Being a regular commuter will increase your premiums.

2. Driver information

The second section of our Nova Scotia car insurance rate calculator asks you to share some details about the driver of the car that’s going to be insured.

You’ll be asked to enter:

  • Your name
  • Your licence level and the date which you were first licenced
  • Whether you've ever previously held a full licence elsewhere in Canada or the U.S.
  • The date you were first listed as a driver on an insurance policy in Canada or the U.S.
  • If you've had an insurance company cancel your policy in the past three years
  • If you've had any time without insurance coverage in the past three years
  • If you've had any suspensions in the past three years
  • Whether you’ve ever been at-fault for a car accident
  • If you've had any tickets (not including parking) in the past three years

If a second driver is going to be using the vehicle click the ‘Add Driver’ tab on the page and add the details about their driving history too.

Tips on how to answer these questions:

  • Secondary drivers are those who drive your car only occasionally. There can’t be two primary drivers listed for one car.
  • Get a full license as soon as possible. Inexperienced drivers pay more for insurance premiums.

3. Discount information

In the final section of our Nova Scotia car insurance cost calculator, we’ll ask you questions to see which additional discounts you're eligible for. Discounts can help lower your car insurance premiums and ultimately save you money.

Be prepared to answer the following:

  • Whether you plan on bundling multiple policies (e.g. home, tenant, or condo insurance) with the same company (up to a 10-15% discount).
  • Whether you are a member of CAA (up to an additional 20%)
  • Whether you would install an app on your phone that scores your driving habits (up to 30%).

Tips on how to answer these questions:

  • Take advantage of insurance companies' discounts. Call your broker or agent to see what other discounts you qualify for.

How to calculate car insurance rates in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia insurance companies use a variety of factors to calculate auto insurance rates.

If you’re a Nova Scotia driver looking to obtain a car insurance quote, these are the factors that will affect your quoted premiums:

  • Driving history. Your driving record and accident claim history of all drivers is used to calculate the cost of your premium. At-fault accidents, speeding tickets, distracted driving tickets, impaired or reckless driving will make you a high-risk driver in the eyes of an insurance company.
  • Age. The cost of car insurance declines for the average driver as they get older. In Nova Scotia, car insurance companies are technically not allowed to base their rates on your age. However, they are allowed to take your driving experience into consideration. Drivers are charged higher rates during the first nine years of holding a licence. This greatly impacts the rates that young people pay. We recommend that teenagers in Nova Scotia use our car insurance calculator to find the cheapest premiums and save money.
  • Where you live. Busy cities and communities tend to have more cars on the road meaning a higher likelihood of collisions and theft. This all results in higher insurance premiums.
  • Deductible amount. Choosing a higher deductible when you sign up for or renew your car insurance policy could substantially lower your auto insurance premiums. That’s because you’re agreeing to take on a larger part of the claim costs.
  • Mileage. Insurance companies also determine your insurance premium based on how often you drive. They do this by examining the number of kilometres you drive per year.
  • The car you drive. The type of vehicle you drive is considered when calculating your premiums. If you drive an older vehicle you may want to drop extra coverage like collision or comprehensive.
  • The type of coverage you choose. Excluding comprehensive car insurance from our comparison calculator tool in Nova Scotia will save you money. But this type of insurance may be a good option if you can’t pay out of pocket expenses because it entitles you to a cash settlement if your car is declared a total loss.

Average cost of car insurance in Nova Scotia

Auto insurance premiums in Nova Scotia are among the cheapest in the country.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), the average car insurance policy in Nova Scotia costs $891 per year, which is less than what drivers in the Northwest Territories pay.

Looking at averages alone will not provide you with an accurate estimate for the monthly cost of your car insurance premiums in Nova Scotia. That’s why we encourage drivers in Nova Scotia to use our car insurance premium calculator to get the most accurate quotes and save money.

Mandatory car insurance coverages in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a no-fault system which means drivers deal with their own insurance companies, regardless of who's at fault.

Third-party liability insurance

Nova Scotia drivers are required to carry $500,000 in third-party liability insurance on their vehicles.

Accident benefits

This pays for medical treatment, income replacement and other benefits if you are injured in an accident. Your own insurance company, regardless of who caused the collision, pays these to you.

Uninsured motorist coverage

Uninsured and unidentified insurance protects you if you're involved in an accident with an uninsured driver or a driver that can't be identified.

Optional car insurance coverages in Nova Scotia

You can also purchase extended coverage that will help with costs to repair or replace your vehicle.


Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, but only if it’s damaged in a collision.


Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it’s damaged by an insurable risk, minus collisions. Insurable risks that are covered by comprehensive insurance include damage from falling objects, vandalism, or theft.

Specified perils

Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle but only against insurable risks that you specifically ask for coverage against. If it’s not in the policy, you’re not covered.

All perils

A combination of collision and comprehensive insurance.

Other tips on how to save on car insurance in Nova Scotia?

Improve your credit score

Car insurance companies in Nova Scotia are allowed to ask about credit scores when determining your premium. If you have strong credit it will help you get a better rate and save money.

Get usage-based insurance

Nova Scotia offers usage-based insurance (UBI) policies. With responsible driving habits, drivers can leverage telematics technology and save money.

Maintain a good driving history

Obey Nova Scotia traffic laws and avoid speeding tickets.

Shop around for your best rates can help you compare quotes so you can find the policy that fits your needs

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