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Get quotes from 50+ Canadian providers in 3 minutes.

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How comparing auto insurance quotes works. Hint: it’s free!


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Use the Quebec car insurance calculator to save money

One of the best strategies to find the cheapest car insurance is to comparison-shop. Why? Because every car insurance company underwrites risk differently and every customer’s driving history is unique.

Most auto insurance calculator tools do not require enough information to provide an accurate estimate of car insurance prices, but ours is different.

A lot of calculators limit the number of questions to make the process faster. However, many factors go into rating a car insurance policy. Generally, the more questions asked, the more accurate the price.

The car insurance calculator is a thorough questionnaire. Plus, the rates you see are real — and we’ll help you secure your lowest one.

Answering the questions accurately is vital to obtaining an accurate quote. Below, we’ve outlined the steps so you can be prepared. If you don't know specific dates or times, do the best you can — our partners will help with that later on — but be aware that your price could change if you’re too far off.

To start the process right now, enter your postal code above and click on the ‘Get Started’ button. You will receive quotes from Canadian car insurance companies in under three minutes.

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Quebec insurance calculator instructions

How to use our Quebec calculator to save money and get the cheapest rate

Our Quebec car insurance calculator has three stages. You’ll be asked to answer questions about yourself and the car you’re insuring in the following order:

  1. Vehicle information
  2. Driver information
  3. Discount information

We’ve broken down each stage so you can get all the information you need beforehand and have the best possible experience with our car insurance calculator.

Step 1: Vehicle information

In the first stage of the Quebec car insurance calculator, you’ll be asked about:

  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Whether the vehicle is leased
  • Vehicle purchase date
  • Where the car is parked overnight
  • The primary use of this vehicle
  • How number of kilometers are driven to work or school one way (each day)
  • The total kilometers driven each year
  • Whether you would like your insurance to include comprehensive and/or collision coverage

Step 2: Driver information

The second stage asks some questions about you including:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Your marital status
  • The age the driver was first licenced
  • How long you’ve been with the current insurance company
  • Whether you’ve ever cancelled your insurance
  • Whether you’ve had claims or accidents within the last 10 years (in Quebec, not-at-fault claims affect your premium)
  • Whether you’ve ever had any traffic tickets within the last three years
  • When you’d like the policy to start
  • Whether the driver is currently employed full-time and has an undergraduate or graduate degree (in other provinces, you’re asked for employment status or occupation).

Step 3: Discount information

Finally, we want to help you get as many discounts as possible. That’s why we ask the following:

  • Whether consent to have their credit rating used to retrieve quotes. Quebec and Alberta are two provinces where credit rating is used in quoting and can provide discounts if the consumer has strong credit.
  • Whether you’d like us to include a 10-15% discount for multiple policies (e.g. home, tenant, or condo insurance) with the same company.
  • The month and year you moved to your current address. This can qualify you for a discount of up to 15%,
  • Whether you would install an app on your phone that scores your driving habits. Answering yes could qualify you for a discount of up to 25%. The entire discount isn’t applied upfront, though. Immediately after signing up, your insurance company may grant a discount of between 5-10%. If you demonstrate that you’re a safe driver over time, you could receive an additional 15% at renewal.

You may qualify for more discounts than the ones listed above. Car insurance companies provide discounts for grade point averages, alumni or guild memberships. Talk to your broker or agent about what other discounts your car insurance company can offer you.

More Quebec car insurance calculator questions

How to calculate car insurance rates in Quebec

There are a number of factors that determine the monthly cost of car insurance. When deciding on the appropriate price, insurance companies look at the likelihood that you’ll make a claim and the potential loss amount.

That’s why we ask for details about your driving habits and your insurance history, the make and model of your car, as well as how old you are. Your answers will determine how much you pay.

Here are the most important factors that influence your premium:

Your mileage: The amount you drive every day has a large impact on your auto insurance costs. Drivers with long commutes pay less than people who only use their car occasionally. Our car insurance premium calculator will ask how many kilometers you drive one-way for work or school. From there, the calculator will work out the number of kilometers you travel annually.

Your postal code: Insurance companies determine your rates based on the postal code you live in. If an insurance company experiences higher than average claims frequency with its customers in that postal, customers within that area could pay higher car insurance rates.

Your driving record: Someone with an accident or multiple tickets on their record will pay more for insurance than someone with a conviction/claims-free record.

Your age: Unfortunately, the younger you are, the more you’ll pay for car insurance. Young inexperienced drivers are considered high-risk.

Your gender: Unfortunately, men still pay higher insurance premiums than women. However, the gulf isn’t too wide, especially if you’re over 25 years old, where the difference may only amount to a few dollars.

Your policy: Purchasing comprehensive coverage or increasing your medical benefits will increase your insurance rate.

The average cost of car insurance in Quebec

The average price of car insurance in Quebec is $717 according to a 2020 report from the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

But the average price isn’t indicative of what you’ll pay. Car insurance is a highly personalized product. You probably don’t fit the profile of the average Quebec driver and your coverage needs may not be ‘average,’ either.

That said, Quebec has the lowest car insurance rates in Canada. A large reason for why is Quebec’s hybrid public and private car insurance system

The public car insurance plan covers personal injuries in Quebec. The province limits the public insurer to bodily injury claims coverage only. Quebec pays for medical care for all parties involved, regardless of who was at fault and no one involved in the accident can sue for damages.

Mandatory car insurance coverages in Quebec

Mandatory coverages that can only be purchased from private insurers in Quebec include:

Third-party liability insurance in Quebec

Liability coverage provides financial compensation if you injure a person who is not a Quebec resident and/or damage their property with your car. It also applies when you travel outside Quebec. Drivers must have at least $50,000 in third-party liability insurance, which must be purchased from a private insurance company.

Direct Compensation Property Damage in Quebec

Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD) is included in a basic insurance policy. DCPD ensures that each driver receives direct compensation from their own insurance company to repair their car, regardless of who's at fault for the accident, but the accident must have taken place between two or more Quebec registered vehicles.

Mandatory coverages that are already provided by the province’s public insurer, La Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ):

  • Medical payments
  • Funeral expenses (up to $4,913)
  • Disability income (90% of net annual income, up to $67,500/year)
  • Impairment benefit (up to $229,887)
  • Coverage to drivers who are involved in collisions with uninsured motorists

Optional car insurance coverages in Quebec

While the government has you covered for bodily injuries, the SAAQ’s coverage doesn’t cover damage to your car. You may want to invest in additional coverage that reimburses you for any physical damage done to your car in Quebec.

Here are the different types of insurance policies that will protect your vehicle:

  • Collision coverage: This coverage will pay to repair or replace your car if it has been involved in an at-fault collision (also referred to as a “responsible collision”). Collision coverage in Quebec is optional.
  • Comprehensive: Will pay to repair or replace your car if it has been stolen, damaged by vandalism or by fire, theft, or falling objects. Comprehensive coverage in Quebec is optional.
  • Replacement cost This is a type of endorsement that freezes the value of your car when you purchase it new. If your car is ever declared a total loss or is stolen, your replacement cost insurance will reimburse you for the full purchase price.
  • Specified perils: An à la carte option for insurance coverage; you can pick and choose which insurance perils you want coverage from. Be warned: if it’s not in your policy, you don’t have coverage for it. Specified perils is optional in Quebec.
  • All perils: A combination of collision and comprehensive. All perils is an optional coverage.

Other tips on how to save on car insurance in Quebec

There are many ways to get cheaper car insurance in Quebec:

  • Pay premiums on time.
  • Compare quotes among competing insurers.
  • Insure all your vehicles with the same company.
  • Bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance.
  • Choose appropriate, but not excessive, insurance coverage.
  • Choose a car with low repair costs and/or a great safety record.
  • Maintain a good driving history (drive carefully and obey the rules of the road)
  • Comparing quotes from competing car insurance companies is another effective way to find affordable car insurance in Quebec.
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