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It was a very professional service. The person.was polite
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The Hope of a more cost saving policy
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Immediate response
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Dodge auto insurance: what you need to know.

A legacy North American automaker founded in the early 1900s, Dodge is a performance-driven brand featuring sleek sedans and sports cars, SUVs and the number one selling minivan in Canada, the Grand Caravan. Since 2009, the beloved (formerly Dodge) Ram pickup truck line has been sold through a spinoff division for various trucks and cargo vans offered by their parent brand, Stellantis.

Whether you are purchasing a new or used Dodge in Canada, finding insurance that is both cost-efficient and provides you with protection from financial risk, can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. If you are able to easily compare car insurance quotes for your Dodge vehicle, you can choose the offer that best fits your needs.

An analysis by found that several models by Dodge are among the cheapest vehicles to insure in Canada, like the Grand Caravan SE and Journey SXT 2WD. But rates can vary depending on the year of production, which is why it is so important to access insurance quotes that are specific to your car, van or truck.

Insurance coverage for your Dodge will be based on the make, model and year your automobile was produced, as well as where you live and the driving records of any individuals who will access the vehicle. Let us help narrow down the best Dodge car insurance for you by providing multiple quotes for comparison.

Your Dodge auto insurance may be just a click away with

How much is insurance for a Dodge?

Determining how much insurance costs for a Dodge vehicle is not as straightforward as you might think.

There are many variables that influence how your Dodge auto insurance will be calculated by a broker. For instance, the experience and history of each driver of the vehicle will affect the premium. Tickets, convictions for driving offenses and past suspensions of a driver's license all matter. If you require Dodge insurance for young drivers in your household or even just live in a higher density urban area, your Dodge insurance policy will be impacted. So although average costs for insurance of a Dodge model may be available, there are too many other factors at play for them to be reliable benchmarks.

As well, there are multiple Dodge insurance options that can be added to your policy. Every Canadian province requires a minimum amount of third-party liability coverage, but financial protection in the case of collision or other peril — such as fire, theft, or windstorms — is additional and at your discretion. It should also be noted that private insurance coverage is only available in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, meaning you have access to competing car insurance rates for your Dodge, (whereas other provinces with public insurance have fixed deductibles).

Considering all these factors, a comparative review of Dodge insurance policies that take your specific circumstances and criteria into consideration is ideal.

The following are Dodge auto insurance rates offered to our website’s visitors:

Estimated Premium

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CustomerLocationVehicleLowest rateAverage rateSaved
Quote from May 26, 2024
Male, 22 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate
Quote from May 26, 2024
Male, 22 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate
Quote from May 26, 2024
Male, 30 years old
Lowest Rate
Average Rate

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Your questions about Dodge auto insurance rates, answered.

What is the cheapest Dodge to insure?

While insurance costs for lower-end Dodge models will often be less expensive than pricier vehicles, there are many elements that influence how brokers determine pricing. The auto insurance industry often refers to the Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating (CLEAR) system, to assess the potential risk of insuring a vehicle.

Risk factors that are considered include, how many safety features are present (airbags, door reinforcements, whether there are anti-lock brakes and so on) as well as anti-theft protections etc. If a trusted rating system like CLEAR outlines a higher safety rating for your potential Dodge car, it may mean cheaper insurance.

Ultimately, your best bet for less costly insurance is to compare quotes. Access an array of Dodge insurance rates for your vehicle via our database.

Used vs. new Dodges: which is cheaper to insure?

Unsurprisingly, car insurance for a used Dodge is usually less expensive than insuring a new vehicle. For one thing, the cost of fixing a newer car is likely to be higher than that of an older, used model. Also, it is often more advisable for you to purchase additional coverage (above and beyond the required minimum) for newer cars, such as comprehensive and collision insurance. Alternatively, if you are driving an older vehicle that does not hold as much value, you may opt not to include any extra coverage in your policy, which will drive down the cost of vehicle insurance for your Dodge.

If you are now ready to buy your new or used Dodge, get the best car insurance rates for your ride by searching

What is the best vehicle insurance for a Dodge?

There are so many variables at play when choosing car insurance, so no specific insurance broker is best for Dodge vehicles. Ultimately, you are looking for the option that simultaneously meets your coverage needs and reflects the best rate possible (based of course on your driving history and the vehicle in question). As private companies, insurance brokerages all have different standards and processes for determining risk and the cost of a policy. Rates really do vary by company.

This is why it is integral to compare insurance rates for your Dodge car, truck or van. Using a (free!) service like allows you to shop around and access multiple quotes, from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

How are auto insurance quotes for Dodges calculated?

The price for your Dodge’s car insurance will be calculated based on all the variables that might constitute risk for the insurance company in the event that you have to make an insurance claim, if your Dodge vehicle is involved in an accident.

These variables include: your geographic location (it matters how densely populated your city is), the age and record of any drivers with access to the vehicle and the company’s internal rating process of vehicle liability, which can include factors like crashworthiness, as well as crash avoidance and mitigation.

Once you have considered your options for Dodge insurance online (using, we hope), you can ask potential insurance brokers about factors that might affect your quote. For instance, insurance companies want to build long-term relationships with their clients, so you may be able to access a loyalty program or even bundle insurance services. (This may be something to consider when your Dodge insurance is up for renewal as well).

Is it safe to buy Dodge insurance online?

Yes, it’s totally safe to buy car insurance online. We’ve helped Canadians save millions on their insurance costs, collectively. Get a quote for car insurance on and start saving today.

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