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Fredericton is steeped in a history older than Canada itself. After appointing Fredericton as the province capital in 1785, the New Brunswick government created a grid pattern street plan for the city. The Trans-Canada Highway runs south of town, connecting to provincial routes 7 and 8. Two of New Brunswick's biggest bridges are nearby: the Westmoreland Street Bridge and the Princess Margaret Bridge, both of which are suspended above the Saint John River.

The municipal government installed roundabouts and speed bumps along several downtown streets to help reduce speeding in the city. Nonetheless, drivers in Fredericton should take other measures to protect themselves from potential speeders. Step one: make sure you have the best car insurance plan. That's where we come in. At LowestRates.ca, you can find the cheapest car insurance prices from all the top providers — just like that.

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Based on data from LowestRates.ca, nearly three times as many men apply for car insurance online in Fredericton than do women.

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Driving in Fredericton: facts and myths

Fun facts
  • Provincial Route 102 transitions into Woodstock and Lincoln Roads on the west and east ends of town. The route runs one way, west along Brunswick Street and east along Queen Street. You can also access the Westmoreland Bridge from Route 102.
  • You can get to the Bay of Fundy from Fredericton by using New Brunswick Route 7. The Bay of Fundy was in the running to become one of the modern natural wonders of the world.
  • Willie O'Ree Place is on the north end of the city, off Cliffe Street. It has two NHL-sized ice rinks, and the building is named after Willie O'Ree, the first African-Canadian to play in the NHL with the Boston Bruins.
  • Fredericton drivers don't deal with traffic congestion. False. Even though Fredericton is relatively small, its bridges often get snarled with traffic during rush hour. This problem's been exacerbated recently by several construction projects in the area.
  • Fredericton Airport only flies regionally within Eastern Canada. False. You can also hop onto flights that go to Toronto or Ottawa, and there are seasonal flights to the Caribbean.
  • Taxis are hard to find. False. Taxis are a common way to get around town. Here are some of the cab companies in Fredericton: ABC Car Services, Checker Cab, George's Skycab, Loyal Taxi, Standard Taxi, and Trius Taxi.

Fredericton driving tips

  1. Watch out for speed bumps on Northumberland Street and Odell Avenue. Both roads connect Brunswick Street, which runs parallel to the Saint John River. Navigate these roads carefully to prevent speed bump related damages.
  2. Forget about train trips to Fredericton. The city is one of three provincial capitals in Atlantic Canada without rail service. Travellers have to rely on other forms of transit to reach the New Brunswick capital.
  3. Choose the right bridge when you cross the Saint John River. You can take either the Westmoreland Bridge or the Princess Margaret Bridge if you're driving. However, the Fredericton Railway Bridge is for pedestrians only. If you're driving, don't attempt to take your car on this bridge.
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