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Most popular cars in Guelph

Based on data, here are the most popular vehicles in Guelph among online auto insurance shoppers.

Popular Brands

  1. Honda
  2. Volkswagen
  3. Dodge
  4. Mazda
  5. Chevrolet

Who shops for auto insurance in Guelph?

Our data reveals that the typical Guelph auto insurance shopper on is a 27-and-a-half-year-old male.

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What can I do to get cheap car insurance in Guelph?

It's easy — if you know how. Here are some of the best ways to lower your auto insurance premiums:

Shop around

We'll show you the most competitive rates from all the top insurers. Now you can compare quotes all in one place.

Buy the right coverage

Avoiding extra frills in your policy and paying for only the coverage you need will lower your premiums.

Drive responsibly

Your driving record impacts your rate. Fewer infractions and fines equals cheaper insurance.

Pay on time

Prompt payments can save you money on late fees and lower your premiums. Insurers love a good customer.

Bundle up

Adding a house, motorcycle, RV, or other type of insurance policy to your car insurance plan can lower your rates.

Be safe, not sorry

Safety features like winter tires and alarm systems can help reduce your insurance premium.

Stick with one insurer

Most auto insurance companies give special discounts to customers who stay with them for a number of years.

Take a course

A defensive driving course makes you a better driver and can significantly reduce your car insurance premiums.

Keep driving

The math is clear: more experience on the road equals lower car insurance premiums. Young drivers almost universally pay higher rates for car insurance. While it’s difficult for new drivers to secure cheap car insurance rates, you may be able to lower your rates by maintaining good grades and attending driving school.

Look at location

Where you drive affects your premiums. Some areas are associated with higher rates of car accidents and theft.

Choose the right car

Cars with high crash-test scores, low theft ratings, and less powerful engines tend to have cheaper insurance rates.

Track your driving

With a usage-based car insurance policy, you can turn your low-risk driving habits into lower premiums.

Your questions about driving in Guelph, answered.

How much is car insurance in Guelph?

The average cost of car insurance in Ontario is $1,505, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

However, knowing the average car insurance rate is limited in its usefulness. To find the average, people who are considered statistical outliers — people who have low car insurance costs and people who pay a lot for car insurance — are included in the calculation. This will distort the true price of car insurance.

And while car insurance premiums are based on statistical averages to an extent, your premium is also tailor-made to match your individual risk profile and coverage needs.

Basically, what your neighbour pays for car insurance is not usually indicative of what you’ll pay.

Rather than focusing on what others are paying, it’s more useful to:

  • Understand the variables that affect your car insurance cost.
  • Focus on reducing your driving risks.
  • See the rates multiple car insurers are willing to offer you and use that as your benchmark rather than an average.

Car insurance calculators for Guelph can’t provide accurate estimates, either. While car insurance calculators can be a helpful tool, they don’t require enough information from you to provide an accurate price estimate.

Which Guelph postal code has the highest average car insurance premiums?

The Guelph postal code region that pays the highest average premium is the N1G region.

There are things you can do to avoid paying a lot for car insurance. Focus on reducing your exposure to risk on the roads and compare rates to choose the insurance company offering the lowest rate.

Which Guelph postal code has the lowest average premiums?

The Guelph postal code region that pays the lowest average car insurance premium is the N1E region.

There are things you can do to further reduce your car insurance premium.

Focus on reducing your exposure to risk on the roads and compare rates to choose the insurance company offering the lowest rate.

How do Guelph car insurance rates compare to other cities in Ontario?

Car insurance rates in communities east of Guelph are comparable, but car insurance gets more expensive as you travel further west. We benchmarked the average rates from the following communities to the Guelph average.

  • Georgetown: 0.3% higher
  • Milton: 2% higher 
  • Kitchener: 9% higher
  • Cambridge: 10% higher
  • Waterloo: 17% higher

Where do I get the cheapest car insurance quotes in Guelph?

There isn’t one car insurance company that offers cheap auto insurance quotes to every Guelph driver that applies for a policy. Car insurance premiums are highly customized products.

In general, buying a utilitarian car — one that isn’t a known target for thieves and has good safety ratings — will bring down your rate, as will being a defensive driver, limiting your mileage, and opting for a basic car insurance policy.

You can drive down your rates a bit further by making yourself eligible for more discounts. For example, installing winter tires, or even maintaining a GPA above a certain level if you’re in school. Joining a telematics program can result in a savings of up to 25% on your car insurance premium.

The next step involves comparing car insurance quotes. Since every insurance company’s tolerance for risk is a bit different, it’s highly likely that one may favour you more than your current Guelph auto insurance company. Once you compare quotes, you may be surprised by the variation in prices. We can help you find a car insurance company serving Guelph that can offer you a lower rate.

What factors determine my car insurance rates in Guelph?

There are a number of factors that determine your car insurance rates in Guelph. Here are some to consider:

  • Your annual mileage
  • Your postal code
  • Your driving record
  • Your age
  • The amount of insurance you buy

Car insurance in Guelph for seniors

Adults between the ages of 50 and 70 get some of the lowest car insurance rates in Guelph. After age 70, you might see your rate begin to climb. If this happens to you, it may be time to shop around for new automobile insurance in Guelph.

Car insurance rates for Guelph students

Finding affordable car insurance for new drivers in Guelph isn’t easy. Young people pay, on average, the highest insurance premiums of all drivers.

While it can be challenging for new drivers to find cheap car insurance in Guelph, we’ve found that the demographic that finds the most savings on are young drivers — the more you’re expected to pay, the more dramatic the savings you can find when you compare Guelph car insurance quotes.

Guelph car insurance rates for new immigrants

If you have had car insurance in the past, ask your previous insurance company to provide a reference to your new Ontario insurer. This will improve your chances of lowering your car insurance rate.

Guelph car insurance rates for high-risk drivers

Having traffic convictions or an extensive claims history will put you in the high-risk category with most car insurance companies.

It’s hard to find cheap auto insurance rates in Guelph as a high-risk driver. However, it’s still possible to get coverage. provides quotes from car insurance companies that specialize in outfitting high-risk drivers with insurance coverage.

More ways to reduce car insurance costs in Guelph

  • Take Guelph public transit. Reducing your trips in the car and substituting it with transit can help you shrink your car insurance bills. Residents of this city can count on Guelph Transit, which has over 70 buses and serves 28 transit routes.
  • Guelph is a university town. If you’re a student at the University of Guelph, make sure you inquire about student discounts with your car insurance provider.
  • Disobeying the rules of the road will impact your car insurance rate. Drive appropriately and courteously when you're making your way down Guelph neighbourhood roads. The city adopted an effective traffic management plan to curb speeding, traffic shortcutting, and other safety concerns. Remember: you're in a pedestrian-filled area.
  • It gets snowy in Guelph. Installing winter tires can get you a discount on your car insurance.

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