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Halifax motorists are lucky. They get to drive through one of Canada's prettiest cities, and they often pay auto insurance premiums that are at, or below, the national average. Halifax also has an excellent set of roads, so it's easy for drivers to get in and out of town via the 100-series highways that connect the city to the surrounding suburbs.

The city's also linked by the Angus L. MacDonald and A. Murray MacKay suspension bridges, which drivers can use to cross into Halifax's urban core. Of course, one way Halifax drivers can lower their commuting costs is by shopping for the best insurance rates. At LowestRates.ca, you can compare quotes from the top auto insurers in Halifax in just minutes.

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Driving in Halifax: facts and myths

Fun facts
  • There are 32 Volvos at the bottom of Bedford Basin. They sunk with their cargo ship in 1969.
  • The Armdale Traffic Circle has long been a source of frustration to drivers. Prior to 2005, the roundabout used a "yield and proceed" rule that confused drivers (especially those from out of province) and snarled traffic.
  • The Halifax Regional Municipality has nearly 250 new sidewalk construction projects tabled. The HRM is aiming to complete approximately 10 of these projects annually.
  • Workers in Halifax don’t rely on their vehicles to get to work. False. Statistics Canada reports that 76.6% of workers use a car, van, or truck to get to work on a daily basis.
  • Halifax gets very little snow. False. The city's located on a coast, which is often associated with mild weather, but Halifax gets a couple huge snowstorms every year.
  • Halifax has B-grade public transit. False. Halifax Transit has a fleet of buses that service the city. It also operates the Dartmouth Ferry Service, the oldest saltwater ferry service in North America.

Halifax driving tips

  1. Buy snow tires. Halifax gets its fair share of snow storms. Enhance your safety and the safety of others by investing in a quality set of snow tires.
  2. Watch those one-way streets. There's a lot of one-way streets down by the waterfront in Halifax, so stay alert and pay attention to street signs.
  3. Be courteous to pedestrians — everyone else is. Halifax drivers are known for their road manners and their tendency to stop for pedestrians even if they're several metres away from the road. If you see pedestrians approaching, be prepared to stop.
  4. Pay attention and yield at the Armdale Traffic Circle. The Armdale Traffic Circle gets traffic from five different roads: Herring Cove Road, St. Margaret's Bay Road, Joseph Howe Drive, Chebucto Road, and Quinnpool Road on the peninsula. The traffic rules governing the Armdale Traffic Circle changed in 2005 to conform to worldwide standards. Cars entering the circle have to yield to those already inside it.
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