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Jaguar auto insurance: what you need to know.

The British brand Jaguar is famous for its sleek sports cars and luxurious sedans. Jaguar started in Blackpool, England as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, and is now under the Jaguar Land Rover company banner.

Jaguar’s reputation for striking design, engines and comfortable rides continues today, and the brand has recently added a crossover, an SUV and an electric SUV to its lineup.

There’s no doubt a Jaguar would be fun to drive. But if you’re considering buying one, you probably want to know how much insurance is for a Jaguar. Because Jaguar vehicles are expensive, the average insurance cost for a Jaguar will be more expensive. But the exact cost will depend on many factors, including the model of the vehicle, as well as its safety features, age and value.

To help you figure out the cost of Jaguar insurance, lets you easily compare quotes from 50+ Canadian insurance providers. Just enter your postal code and click “Get Started.” In three minutes, you can see personalized Jaguar vehicle insurance quotes. Continue reading below to find out how different factors affect Jaguar insurance rates.

How much is insurance for a Jaguar?

It usually costs more to insure luxury vehicles and sports cars, and Jaguar insurance coverage is no exception. If you’re involved in a collision, it will cost more to replace or fix Jaguar custom parts and finishings compared to many other brands. Jaguar insurance claims may be higher because auto repair shops need to order the expensive genuine Jaguar parts. Insurance companies take this into consideration when setting Jaguar auto insurance rates.

Though their lineup includes sedans and SUVs, Jaguar is a high-performance carmaker. Because high-powered vehicles (sports cars in particular) have a reputation for speeding-related risks, this can lead to more expensive insurance rates. The safety rating and safety features of your particular Jaguar model will also factor in.

Several other factors also affect insurance prices, including a driver’s age, driving experience and insurance claims history. The cost of insurance also varies depending on what province and city you live in. Insurers look at data including how likely your vehicle and model are to be stolen in your neighbourhood and how much it costs to repair a particular vehicle in your area.

This is why you shouldn’t set your budget by looking at the average Jaguar car insurance price. It’s better to apply for quotes to get a more accurate idea. helps you compare quotes from Canada’s leading auto insurance companies. With several insurance estimates right in front of you, it will be easy to find the best car insurance rates for your Jaguar.

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Your questions about Jaguar auto insurance rates, answered.

What is the cheapest Jaguar to insure?

The cost of Jaguar car insurance in Canada depends on factors including the model, sticker price, safety features and repair or replacement costs.

Driving a higher-priced vehicle affects how much it will cost to insure it. For example, the starting MSRP for the Jaguar F-Type sports car is $73,000, while the XF sedan MSRP starts at $60,570. The I-PACE all-electric SUV begins at $91,000. The cheapest Jaguar car insurance would likely be for a lower-end model without custom trim. But with an expensive brand like Jaguar, “cheap” is relative.

To determine which cars are the most risky to insure, insurance companies use data collected by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). But because Jaguars are relatively rare compared to mass-produced brands, data on Jaguars is limited. The IBC only publishes statistics on vehicle models with more than 1,500 vehicles registered for insurance nationwide. According to the IBC’s annual How Cars Measure Up report, about half of the Jaguar models listed have above average number of claims for comprehensive and collision insurance compared to the national average. Comprehensive, but there is no reported data on collision claims.

You can take steps to decrease your Jaguar car insurance rate, such as raising your deductible, bundling with home insurance, changing your tires seasonally, maintaining a clean driving record or choosing usage-based insurance if you don’t drive that often.

Used vs. new Jaguar: which is cheaper to insure?

It’s generally cheaper to insure a used car. But because it is still expensive to replace or fix custom parts, Jaguar used car insurance may not offer a significant savings. Also, if you’re driving a rare vintage or collector model, your Jaguar insurance policy will cost more. In fact, in this case, you may consider classic car insurance, which takes into account replacement value and appreciation for rare cars. Depending on usage, classic car insurance may save you money compared to standard car insurance.

Jaguar used car insurance may provide you other ways to save. People with older cars (5+ years) often remove comprehensive and collision coverages from their policies, because the maximum amount you could receive on a Jaguar insurance claim goes down as the car loses value. It’s recommended to have both comprehensive and collision coverage on a new car. Compensation from collision insurance can be put towards a new car if yours is damaged in an accident. Comprehensive insurance pays for damage to your car for reasons other than a collision, such as a fallen tree or vandalism. When leasing a vehicle, the lender will require you to have comprehensive and collision coverage in order to meet financing terms.

Because Jaguar car insurance is more expensive in general, it’s wise to compare quotes from several insurance companies, whether you’re buying a new or used vehicle.

What is the best car insurance for a Jaguar?

The best car insurance for a Jaguar will depend on your needs and how you use your vehicle. Because Jaguar car insurance can be more expensive, it’s important to compare at least three Jaguar car insurance quotes from different brokers. When comparing Jaguar insurance quotes online, remember to consider exclusions, coverage limits and deductibles.

There’s no car insurance that is best for one particular car model. Insurance providers will look at your age, driving record and where you live, as well as other factors such as how often you drive, when determining Jaguar insurance coverage. A Jaguar insurance broker can explain different types of coverage and customize your policy to fit your needs. It is also helpful to ask friends about their experience with their insurance company and to read online Jaguar insurance reviews.

Insurance companies all have different underwriting standards, which is how they evaluate their risk in insuring a driver, so prices can vary. That’s why comparing quotes with is a good idea.

How are auto insurance quotes for Jaguar calculated?

Insurance companies calculate rates based on factors including your age, location, daily mileage and driving history. The type of policy also matters. For example, a more comprehensive policy will be more expensive. Young drivers also tend to pay more for car insurance than experienced drivers with a good driving record, so Jaguar insurance for young drivers will cost more. Insurance providers also take into account Jaguar’s higher than average prices for repairs and parts when calculating insurance rates. A history of speeding tickets or collisions will increase your rates for a Jaguar insurance renewal. On the other hand, you may get a more favourable rate if you bundle vehicle and home insurance together or if you have been a loyal customer.

As you can see, many factors go into determining an insurance quote. You can find the best price for your Jaguar insurance policy by comparing quotes on In about three minutes, you will receive quotes from insurance providers and be able to easily select the one that has the best car insurance rate for your Jaguar. At the top of this page, enter your postal code and click the “Get Started” button to compare insurance quotes right now.

Is it safe to buy Jaguar insurance online?

Yes, it’s totally safe to buy car insurance online. We’ve helped Canadians save millions on their insurance costs. Get a quote for car insurance on and start saving today.

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