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Super easy to use, and gives you best comparison prices for insurance. Saved 250...
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It's great, found the best rates.
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Fast and pleasant experience. Saved a lot of money too!
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Fast response
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very quick and reliable rates
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I can’t believe how quickly I am getting email responses. Very happy with this...
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excellent service
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Very nice broker. Good service. Found a great deal.
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Because of its location, Levis residents generally pay higher car insurance prices than other Quebec communities. After all, its approximately 150,000 residents travel some of the busier urban roadways in the province to get around town and en route to other large population centres. But that doesn't mean you're stuck with paying above-average rates.

Whether you’re searching for cheap car insurance in Levis for new drivers, seniors, or anyone in between, can help. Enter your postal code and within three minutes you’ll receive quotes from more than 75 auto insurance providers, including the Levis auto insurance company offering your lowest rate.

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What can I do to find cheap car insurance in Levis?

It's easy — if you know how. Here are some of the best ways to lower your auto insurance premiums:

Shop around

We'll show you the most competitive rates from all the top insurers. Now you can compare quotes all in one place.

Buy the right coverage

Avoiding extra frills in your policy and paying for only the coverage you need will lower your premiums.

Drive responsibly

Your driving record impacts your rate. Fewer infractions and fines equals cheaper insurance.

Pay on time

Prompt payments can save you money on late fees and lower your premiums. Insurers love a good customer.

Bundle up

Adding a house, motorcycle, RV, or other type of insurance policy to your car insurance plan can lower your rates.

Be safe, not sorry

Safety features like winter tires and alarm systems can help reduce your insurance premium.

Stick with one insurer

Most auto insurance companies give special discounts to customers who stay with them for a number of years.

Take a course

A defensive driving course makes you a better driver and can significantly reduce your car insurance premiums.

Keep driving

The math is clear: more experience on the road equals lower car insurance premiums. Young drivers almost universally pay higher rates for car insurance. While it’s difficult for new drivers to secure cheap car insurance rates, you may be able to lower your rates by maintaining good grades and attending driving school.

Look at location

Where you drive affects your premiums. Some areas are associated with higher rates of car accidents and theft.

Choose the right car

Cars with high crash-test scores, low theft ratings, and less powerful engines tend to have cheaper insurance rates.

Track your driving

With a usage-based car insurance policy, you can turn your low-risk driving habits into lower premiums.

Your questions about car insurance in Levis, answered.

How much is car insurance in Levis?

In Quebec, the average cost for vehicle insurance is $717 a year, data from the Insurance Bureau of Canada shows. Residents of Levis pay about 80% more, according to data from

With its location in the second-largest metropolitan area in the province, Levis boasts higher density (and therefore more drivers) than other communities. Because provincial averages take all communities into account — even those with few residents — it shouldn’t be surprising that premiums are higher than average in one of Quebec’s largest communities.

If you live in Levis, don't sweat these numbers. What you personally pay for Levis car insurance may not be as high as the city average. Your premium will depend on your insurance requirements and factors like the type and age of the vehicle you drive, your personal driving history, and whether you choose a comprehensive coverage package.

The best way to find out how much car insurance costs is to shop around for multiple quote options. At you can use our comparison tool to find dozens of affordable car insurance options in Levis in minutes.

How do Levis car insurance rates compare to other cities in Quebec?

Insurance in Levis costs nearly 11% more on average than it does across the river in Quebec City, according to data. Meanwhile, Levis residents tend to pay about 20% less than those living in Montreal.

Although these figures are above the province’s average, that doesn’t mean all Levis drivers will necessarily pay as much. You can shop around to find the right deal for you by using the comparison tool, to get dozens of quotes within minutes.

Where do I get the cheapest car insurance quotes in Levis?

Levis residents get the cheapest rates by shopping around. That’s because there are a number of factors that impact your insurance premium, but companies take them into account differently. Depending on the insurer, you may be able to earn discounts to keep your Levis auto insurance rates down a bit further.

Your insurance needs, the age and make and model of your vehicle, as well as your personal driving history, will impact the automobile insurance rates you get from companies in Levis. The good news is you have control over these factors. You can also opt for a basic insurance policy or limit mileage to help trim your rates.

Shop around to get compare rates with the comparison tool. Enter your postal code and in a few minutes, you can find cheap car insurance in Levis that suits your needs.

What factors affect the cost of car insurance in Levis?

Numerous factors affect the cost, some of which are in your control and some that aren’t. The financial position of an insurer as well as the driving histories of their customer base are prime examples of factors drivers have no control over.

There are many factors you can influence, starting with your personal driving history as well as the age and model of the vehicle to be insured. Others including how frequently you drive and the population size of your community factor into the rate you pay for car insurance. For Levis drivers, these considerations can affect individual rates and explain variations from other Quebec communities.

Sometimes changing insurers presents you with a chance to save money. Be sure to compare it against other options before the renewal date. can help you find a Levis car insurance broker that will save you money on your next auto insurance policy.

What are car insurance rates in Levis for students?

Cheap car insurance for new drivers in Levis is hard to find. Insurance for new drivers under 25, who may be high school, college or university students, tends to be more expensive. This is because these drivers generally have less experience and have shorter driving records.

But that doesn’t mean your premium won’t vary between providers. The age and model of the car you drive, your driving record, and your gender all factor into how much you pay for insurance. Some insurers offer policyholders discounts for good grades, which can potentially be an effective way to help reduce your rate.

Insurance for new drivers in Levis may not be as cheap as the rates offered to more experienced drivers, but shopping the car insurance market can still help. As a result of their premiums being the highest in the first place, data shows that new drivers also stand to find the most savings when they compare insurers.

Want to find the best car insurance for students? can help. Enter your postal code and click “Get Started” to launch the process. Within minutes you’ll get Levis car insurance estimates from more than 75 Canadian providers.

What are car insurance rates in Levis for new immigrants?

Levis car insurance rates for new immigrants depend on several factors. While some insurers will credit you for driving history from outside the country, others won’t. This means newcomer premiums can vary from one Levis auto insurance company to the next.

Over time, as you gain Canadian driving experience and build a history with your insurer, it’s likely your rate will start to decline. If you're looking to get cheap auto insurance in Levis, taking a Canadian driving course may help.

The usual factors that cause rates to rise or fall impact Levis car insurance rates for newcomers as well. These include how much driving you do, how old and what model your vehicle is, as well as your past history of traffic violations or at-fault accidents. If your record is clean, you’ll pay less. If not, you may pay above-average rates.

Many factors can impact your automobile insurance premium. By shopping around and using a comparison tool like, you can get options within minutes.

What are car insurance rates in Levis for high-risk drivers?

Do you have driving offences, at-fault accidents, or impaired driving convictions in your driving history? If the answer to any or all of these is yes, you can expect to pay more for insurance, even before other factors in your profile are considered. This is because you carry more risk in the eyes of insurers.

But while car insurance in Levis for high-risk drivers can have higher premiums than other residents, that doesn’t mean there aren’t factors that may reduce your costs. For instance, your vehicle's age and model, combined with how frequently you drive, may mean you pay less than you anticipated.

Because high-risk drivers are more likely to file claims (making them costlier for insurers to deal with), some companies may not extend coverage to them. But like all drivers, they can still compare premiums in Levis using the car insurance calculator.

How can I reduce my car insurance premiums in Levis?

Being a proactive consumer is the best way to lower your rates. There are different things you can do to reduce your premium, starting with making payments on time and maintaining a good driving history.

Choosing the right insurance policy for your needs is also key. Provided you own your car, not adding on extra collision insurance can reduce your costs (leasing and financing companies usually make this coverage mandatory).

If you’re in the market for a vehicle remember it has a big impact on your premium. Looking to pay less? Consider a pre-owned model or a simple one without too many high-tech options. Models that aren’t attractive to thieves, or that lack techy add-ons that are costly to repair generally save you money.

You may be able to take advantage of discounts offered by your insurance company, such as those for taking driver education. Different companies have different discounts, so you need to shop around to see if there are any you qualify for.

By shopping around using a Levis car insurance calculator like, you can get options within minutes.

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