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What you need to know about auto insurance in Manitoba.


What kind of auto insurance system does Manitoba have?

Manitoba operates on a pure no-fault system. You receive compensation from your insurance plan regardless of who's at fault in the accident.

What is the minimum legal driving age in Manitoba?

You must be at least 16 years old, or 15 and a half if enrolled in the High School Driver Education Program.

There are three stages to obtaining a full license in Manitoba.

Class 5L (Vehicle Learner's Licence): To earn your 5L, you have to pass a written test. To drive with your 5L, a supervising driver who has held a full licence for at least 3 years, and maintains a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05 or less, must be in the front seat. When you drive with your 5L, you must maintain a 0.0 BAC. After 9 months, 5L holders are eligible to take the class 5I road test.

How do I get an intermediate licence in Manitoba?

Class 5I (Vehicle Intermediate Stage Licence): Acquired after you successfully complete a road test. Drivers with the 5I must have 0.0 BAC while operating their vehicle. The only passenger restrictions are from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM, when there can be only one front seat passenger, or a supervising driver plus as many passengers as there are seatbelts.

How do I get a full licence in Manitoba?

Class 5F (Vehicle Full Stage Licence): After you hold the 5I licence for a minimum of 15 months, you get your 5F full stage licence. And after 36 months with this full licence, you can drive with a BAC of up to 0.05.

Who sets auto insurance rates in Manitoba?

Like a couple other provinces, Manitoba has a government-run auto insurance market. Drivers must purchase their policy from a Crown corporation known as Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). Since 1971, Manitoba drivers have had little choice on where they could buy their auto insurance policies. If you don't like your premium or your coverage, you can't shop around and switch insurance companies.

What factors determine auto insurance rates in Manitoba?

In Manitoba, auto insurance rates are based on a variety of factors:

  • Your driving record.
  • Your age and gender.
  • Your driving experience.
  • The type of vehicle you drive.
  • Use and location of your vehicle.
  • The amount of coverage you've selected.

How do Manitoba auto insurance rates compare to other provinces?

Premiums in the government-run Manitoba auto insurance market are higher than the national average.

The chart below says it all:

Average auto insurance rates by province

ProvinceAverage Rates
British Columbia$1,680
Newfoundland & Labrador$1,132
Northwest Territories$978
Nova Scotia$842
New Brunswick$819
Prince Edward Island$796

Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada, 2017

*2016 data

Will auto insurance rates in Manitoba go down anytime soon?

Auto insurance premiums in Manitoba will likely trend higher in 2017 with a proposed 2.0% overall rate change planned for March 2017. But despite this proposed increase, auto insurance rates have actually trended down by 9.7% over the last 15 years.

Manitoba auto insurance rate changes

YearRate change

Source: Manitoba Public Insurance

How can I get cheap auto insurance in Manitoba?

There are many ways to get cheap auto insurance in Manitoba:

  • Pay premiums on time.
  • Maintain a good driving history.
  • Choose the proper insurance coverage.
  • Complete a certified driver training program.
  • Choose a vehicle that's less susceptibie to theft.

Is auto insurance required in Manitoba?

Yes. You're required to get a minimum mandatory level of insurance coverage from Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).

What is the minimum requirement for auto insurance in Manitoba?

Here's what the basic Autopac plan from MPI includes:

  • All perils coverage ($50,000 per vehicle): insures your vehicle and any permanently attached equipment against accidental loss or damage in Canada or the U.S. You pay the deductible plus any depreciation, and your Autopac coverage pays the rest. All perils covers collisions and other causes of damage, such as vandalism, theft, hail, and fire. If your vehicle's damaged, your all perils coverage pays to restore it to its pre-accident condition. But if your vehicle is beyond repair, your all perils coverage will pay to replace it entirely.
  • Minimum third-party liability coverage of $200,000: covers you if the vehicle you're driving injures other people or damages other property. Your third-party coverage also includes Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which compensates Manitobans for losses or injuries they incur from an automobile accident, regardless of who was at fault. In the case of catastrophic injury, the plan covers income replacement, personal care, permanent impairment, and special circumstances (transitional expense coverage). It extends to all Manitoba residents who get injured in an accident, either in Canada or in the U.S.

In addition to vehicle repairs and property damage, what else will my auto insurance policy cover?

All Manitoba residents have supplementary benefits from the MPI:

  • Medical payments: no limits.
  • Funeral expenses: up to $8,301.
  • Disability income: 90% of net annual income up to $93,000/year; payable only after 7 days of disability.
  • Impairment benefits: minimum of $760/week; up to $152,281 for non-catastrophic injury and up to $240,454 for catastrophic injury.
  • Death benefits:
    • For partners (depending on age and wage of the deceased): $60,914 to $465,000.
    • For dependant children (depending on their age): $28,933 to $53,300.
    • For non-dependant children or parents: $13,565.

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