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Medicine Hat motorists are lucky. They enjoy the amenities of a city but avoid the gridlock and sky-high auto insurance prices of places like Calgary. An excellent set of roads service Medicine Hat, so it's easy to get in and out of town via the Crowsnest Highway or the Trans-Canada Highway.

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Driving in Medicine Hat: facts and myths

Fun facts
  • Don't speed in Medicine Hat. The police in Medicine Hat use two photo-radar vehicles to enforce speed limits throughout the city.
  • Medicine Hat speed limits are under review. Council is studying a motion to raise the city-wide 50km/h speed limit on certain sections of road, including on major arteries like Dunmore Road and College Drive.
  • Medicine Hat has an airport. The Medicine Hat Airport is located in the southwest part of the city, near the juncture of the Crowsnest Highway and the Trans-Canada Highway.
  • Medicine Hat is known as the sunniest city in Canada, making it a popular retirement community.
  • Medicine Hat gets very little rain or snow. False. The city does have a semi-arid climate, but this is Canada. Expect snow and rain storms to interrupt your drive at the most inconvenient times.
  • Medicine Hat has no real public transit. False. Medicine Hat Transit has a fleet of buses that serve residents and visitors throughout the city. Peak hours are weekdays from 6:45 AM to 6:45 PM.
  • Medicine Hat can't host large events. False. The new Canalta Centre, previously called the Medicine Hat Regional Event Centre, opened in August 2015. The state of the art facility hosts hockey games, concerts, conferences, and everything in between. The venue's also LEED certified for financial and environmental sustainability.

Medicine Hat driving tips

  1. Buy winter tires. Medicine Hat gets its fair share of snow, so enhance your safety and the safety of others by investing in good snow tires.
  2. Keep it under 30 km/h in school and playground zones. Roads running through Medicine Hat school and playground zones have a strict 30 km/h speed limit unless otherwise posted. The limit is enforced on school days between 8:30 AM up until 1 hour after sunset.
  3. Get your trailer off the road. Recreational trailers can only be parked on the street in Medicine Hat for a maximum of 24 hours.
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