Moncton driving tips

  1. Watch out for two-way left turning lanes. These lanes are found in the centre of a roadway, and they're set aside for vehicles that want to turn left in both directions. There are a few of these tricky lanes on Moncton streets, so make sure you follow the rules. Only use these lanes when making a left or turning in the opposite direction (when U-turns are permitted). Also, when you get into the lane, don't drive more than 150 feet.
  2. Moncton takes cycling seriously, so brush up on your cycling hand signals. The local Road Safety program recommends that both cyclists and motorists refresh their knowledge of cycling hand signals, so they can communicate effectively when sharing the road. For a left turn signal, extend your left arm straight out in the direction of the turn, horizontally. For a right turn, extend your right arm straight out in the direction of the turn (horizontally) or extend your left upper-arm out to the left (horizontally) angling your forearm vertically upward. To signal that you'll stop or break, extend your left arm out to the left (horizontally), angling your forearm vertically downward.
  3. When you think Moncton, think snow. Moncton, New Brunswick gets more than its fair share of snow each year — about 110 inches annually. Follow the city's snow condition by-laws:
    • Don't throw snow on pedestrians.
    • Between December 1 and April 15, don't park on city streets from 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM, and avoid parking on city streets during the day when there's a snowstorm.
    • Don't skate, toboggan, ski, coast, or slide on city streets.
    • Keep icicles, snow, or ice from accumulating on roofs or eaves.
    • Don't push snow from your driveway onto city streets, sidewalks, or around fire hydrants.

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In many ways, Moncton is the heart of the Maritimes, not only because it lies at their geographical centre, but also because it embodies the spirit of East Coast Canada. A vibrant mix of traditional Acadian culture and modern urban living make Moncton an amazing place to live and work. It's also a great place to drive. Stunning scenery, cheap car insurance, and a laid-back vibe make getting behind the wheel less of a chore in Moncton than in other major Canadian cities.

Getting there is easy too: the city of Moncton lies right on Route 2 of the Trans-Canada Highway. Inside the city, Route 15, also known as Wheeler Boulevard, is the city's internal ring road. It stretches all the way from the outskirts of town to Centennial Park, Moncton's stunning municipal park. Wherever you're driving in Moncton, you need a great auto insurance plan. At you can find the cheapest car insurance prices from the top providers — just like that.

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Driving in Moncton: facts and myths

Fun facts
  • When you head into town, stop by Magnetic Hill, Moncton's very own gravity hill. This historic property is one of the city's prime tourist attractions, with a slew of daily visitors driving in to experience a truly mind-bending stretch of road. Drive your car up to the end of the road, place it in neutral, and be amazed. Your vehicle will appear to be rolling backwards, up the hill.
  • Round and round we go. In 2010, the City of Moncton installed its first modern-day roundabout at Ryan Street and Horsman Road. A second one was built 2 years later at Killiam Drive and Collishaw.
  • Monctonians can name their own streets — if they follow the rules. Residents of this city can honour great Monctonians by nominating a new street name. There are a few rules to follow though, including making sure that all new names are unique, can be spelled with all applicable accents, and don't exceed 20 characters.
  • Moncton doesn't have much culture. False. The city of Moncton has a lively Acadian tradition, stretching all the way back to the first French Acadians' settlement at the Bay of Fundy in the 1670s. Since 1963, Moncton has seen a veritable Acadian renaissance, and today it's a proudly bilingual city.
  • Getting around Moncton is tough. False. It's actually quite straightforward. Motorists in Moncton, New Brunswick know there are three roads that can take you almost anywhere in town: Mountain Road, McLaughin Road, and Shediac Road.
  • The nearest airport is an hour's drive away from Moncton. False. There's one right next door. The Greater Moncton International Airport serves almost 650,000 passengers annually. Monctonians just have to drive to neighbouring Dieppe to get to this small, but modern airport.
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