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Get quotes from 50+ Canadian providers in 3 minutes.

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Many modern financial service firms are strictly online operations, which allow modern consumers to take advantage of inexpensive and on-the-go services. This is the case for Onlia insurance, which offers consumers both home and auto insurance products. It began in 2018 as a joint venture between Fairfax Financial, a Canadian-based financial holding company, and Achmea, the largest insurance group in the Netherlands.

Policies are underwritten by Verassure Insurance Company, which is part of the same group of insurance companies as Fairfax and Achmea.

Onlia’s values of being transparent, taking the mystery out of insurance, being simple to use, and putting customers first, may not be unique from other online financial service firms, but are still important goals and attributes to work towards, and may be a reason this insurance company has grown quickly since its inception. The company offers flexible and customizable insurance packages that can be acquired and managed online, at any time.

Onlia’s car insurance products are for Ontario drivers only. Compare car insurance quotes on to see how the company stacks up against more than 50 leading insurers in the province.



Other types of insurance that Onlia offers

In addition to car insurance, Onlia offers multiple types of property insurance, such as:

Home insurance: Onlia provides home insurance for theft or break-ins, as well as damages occurring from frozen pipes, fire, smoke as well as hail and windstorm. Personal liability is also covered under home insurance.

Condo insurance: Condo insurance is designed for owners of units within a condo building. Much like homeowner insurance, condo owners receive protection for the contents of the unit, such as appliances, electronics, clothing and furniture. It will also cover additional living expenses if you need to evacuate your condo or relocate while it is being repaired.

Tenant insurance: Tenant insurance is for people who rent their property rather than own it. As a result, it doesn’t cover the property itself. Instead, it provides protection for the tenant’s possessions and liability coverage.

Seasonal insurance: Insurance for seasonal homes will typically cover the outdoor structures on your property, the contents of your seasonal home as well as provide liability coverage.

Landlord insurance: Standard home insurance won’t protect your income property against a loss – only landlord insurance will. Onlia offers coverage to Ontario landlords.

Onlia savings

Car insurance discounts

Car and home insurance bundle: Insure both your home and car under Onlia and receive 20% off home and 15% off car insurance.

Conviction-free: Save 20% if you have zero convictions over a three-year period.

Graduated licensing: Get a G2 or G license and save 10% off your first year when you graduate to a new license.

Multi-car: Save 20% if you insure two or more cars.

New car: If you have a car that’s newer than a 2020 model, you can save 10%.

Renewal loyalty: Being a customer for three years or longer can save you 5%.

Retiree: 5% off accident benefits coverage is available if you are a retiree with a clean driving record.

Winter tires: Install winter tires and save 2% on your insurance.

Home insurance discounts

Burglary and fire alarm: This offers 5% in savings for people who upgrade and/or install a burglar or fire alarm.

Credit score: By agreeing to a credit check, you can secure a discount of 10% to 50%.

Mortgage-free: If your home is mortgage-free, you can save 15%.

Renewal loyalty: Have been a customer for three or more years? You can save 5%.

Other discounts

Affinity: Got a membership with certain (pre-approved) organizations? All you need is a G2 driver’s license and a good driving to qualify for a 2% discount.

Group: Team up with members of your workplace, union or organization for a group insurance policy and save 10%.

Onlia Insurance app

Onlia’s insurance app is the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of apps, as offers every function you would need in one place, including:

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Your agent Nathan was amazing and so helpful.
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Sean was easy to talk too and very informative.
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The Agent was very kind and helpful!
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Great customer care she is good 👍
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Easy and friendly process.
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Very good service.
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Very helpful team !
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The process was easy and professional
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Quick and friendly response.
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