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After an hour of driving around Richmond Hill, you quickly understand the town's unofficial motto, "a little north, a little nicer". It's only 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, but the friendly, relaxed pace of Richmond Hill makes T.O. seem like a world away. As a motorist, you probably won't get honked at or cut off as often either, which is always a nice bonus.

At a population of almost 200,000, Stats Canada says Richmond Hill is one of Canada's fastest growing municipalities. The city's also known for its abundant green space, excellent schools, and wide, well-connected roads.

In fact, Richmond Hill boasts a superb network of roads. Highway 404, which serves as the city's eastern border, connects to the 401 and leads you south into the heart of downtown Toronto via the Don Valley Parkway. Richmond Hill drivers also make good use of the 407 ETR, which runs along the southern edge of the city.

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According to our data, Richmond Hill drivers' preferred car brands hail from all around the world, and, while Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Honda lead the pack, Detroit brands aren't far behind:

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  1. Toyota
  2. Honda
  3. Ford
  4. Chevrolet
  5. Acura

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Facts and myths about driving in Richmond Hill


  • Richmond Green, the largest park in Richmond Hill, has one of the most expansive sets of recreational facilities in the entire Greater Toronto Area. The park boasts a 26,000 square foot indoor sports complex, seven ball diamonds, three soccer fields, plus an agricultural barn and a paddock.
  • Richmond Hill's twin town is Lakeland, Florida, and its twin city is Shijiazhuang, China — two very different places.
  • Richmond Hill was the fastest growing Canadian municipality throughout the 1990s, beating out even Brampton and Vaughan.


  • Winter driving in Richmond Hill is the same as winter driving in Toronto. False. Richmond Hill lies at the edge of Ontario's Snowbelt and gets way more snow.
  • Richmond Hill is one big subdivision. False. Richmond Hill has a thriving downtown strip on Yonge Street, and the Ontario government designated a large portion of the city as Greenbelt land. Roughly one-third of Richmond Hill is part of the provincially-protected Oak Ridges Moraine ecosystem.
  • Richmond Hill has an airport. False. Many people think Buttonville Airport is in Richmond Hill, but it's actually located in Markham.

Richmond Hill driving tips

  1. Consider getting a 407 ETR transponder if you commute east or west. Frequent travel on the ETR can be expensive, but if you want to go east toward the Durham region or west toward Pearson International Airport, Mississauga, or beyond, the ETR is the most efficient route.
  2. Trouble on the 404? Try Leslie. Leslie Avenue, which runs north-south through Richmond Hill, is a great alternative if bad weather or accidents back up the 404.
  3. Park your vehicle at least 1 foot from the sidewalk in the winter. Richmond Hill hires a snow clearing service and it needs drivers to give the workers enough room to remove the snow.
  4. Invest in snow tires. Richmond Hill gets significantly more snow than many other GTA cities do. If you frequent Richmond Hill roads, buy a good set of snow tires so you're prepared for slippery road conditions.
  5. Update your GPS system. If you rely on a GPS, make sure you're sporting up-to-date maps when you drive in Richmond Hill. Richmond Hill's rapid growth means entire neighbourhoods can sprout up in less than a year. Make sure your system knows the current streets, intersections, and speed limits, so you can quickly and safely navigate through town.

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