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In the heart of the Canadian Shield lies the historic city of Sudbury, Ontario. Founded following the discovery of nickel ore at the edge of the Sudbury Basin, this community is known as a world leader in nickel mining. And with a population of 160, 274 people, plus an abundance of urban and wilderness environments, Sudbury is the quintessential Northern Ontario city.

It's located on the Trans-Canada highway at the intersection of Highways 17 and 69. You can take the Georgian Bay Coastal Route and soak in the majestic landscape if you're travelling to Sudbury from Southern Ontario. But no matter where you drive in Sudbury, you need the right auto insurance. And we can help. Drivers from Sudbury can get the best quotes from the top insurers in just minutes at

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  3. Toyota
  4. Nissan
  5. Ford

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Two-thirds of our auto insurance shoppers from Sudbury are male. That's similar to our findings in other Ontario cities:

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Facts and myths about driving in Sudbury


  • I'll take "Famous Sudburians" for $200, Alex! Sudbury, Ontario is the hometown of Canada's Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy. Trebek was recently inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most game show episodes (a whopping 6,829) hosted by the same presenter for the same program.
  • Discover picturesque Northern Ontario by taking the Georgian Bay Coastal Route. Sudbury is one stop away on this stunning roadway, and you get to enjoy views of the lakes, hills, and forests.
  • Ever seen a thirty-foot nickel? Sudbury is home to a thirty-foot replica of a 1951 Canadian 5 cent coin, affectionately (and aptly) named The Big Nickel. Find it at Municipal Road 55 and Big Nickel Drive.


  • Frequent Highway 17 closures make driving into Sudbury very difficult. False. While it's true that accidents and bad weather can wreak havoc on Highway 17 and frustrate drivers, there are detours: try Highways 5, 55, 546, 639, and 108.
  • Creighton Mine is haunted. False (hopefully). Creighton is a ghost town located close to the intersection of Highway 144 and Municipal Road 24.
  • Sudbury roads consistently make it on the "Canada's Worst Roads" survey. False. Sudbury roads aren't the best, but the most recent "worst roads" survey actually didn't include any stretches of pavement that can be found in Sudbury.

Sudbury driving tips

  1. Watch out for fog on Highway 17 and slow down. Fog from Lake Huron sweeps into the western part of Sudbury, blanketing busy thoroughfares like Highway 17 and resulting in accidents. If you encounter fog, immediately turn on your headlights and slow down.
  2. Buy snow tires. This is Sudbury after all. Harsh winters and tons of snow make snow tires a must for safe driving.
  3. Stay up-to-date on road work in Sudbury. There are several major construction projects underway in Sudbury, including road work at the intersection of Notre Dame and Lasalle Blvd. and rock blasting near Big Nickel Road.
  4. Watch out for potholes. Sudbury roads take a beating in winter, which results in hundreds of potholes. Some get fixed, some don't. Avoid damage to your vehicle and look out for potholes.

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