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Volkswagen auto insurance: what you need to know.

With so many different cars on the market, Volkswagen insurance costs can vary depending on the model, size, year, price and safety features. This brand is known for their high safety crash ratings, which can help curb the cost of insurance rates on your Volkswagen.

Today the Volkswagen Group owns 12 different car brands, and surpassed Toyota as the world’s best-selling automaker in 2019. Volkswagen Canada sells a wide range of vehicles, from its entry-level Jetta models to higher-end Golf GTI models designed for those who care about performance.

Ready to take the first step? In just three minutes, you can compare 30+ quotes for Volkswagens on If you still need more information, here’s a look at what it might cost you to insure your Volkswagen.

How much is insurance for a Volkswagen?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to calculating Volkswagen insurance in Canada. Not only are there many different makes and models, but drivers themselves will impact how much insurance rates cost—even for the same vehicle. For example, Volkswagen insurance for young drivers may be more expensive compared to insurance for an older driver who has decades of flawless driving history driving the same car.

The average cost of Volkswagen insurance will depend on a few things, including whether the car is new or used, potential repair or replacement costs, safety features and safety ratings, and whether thieves tend to target that particular model. A general rule of thumb is the more expensive a car, the more you’ll be paying to insure it. Volkswagens generally don’t cost a lot to insure because popular models like the Golf and Jetta aren’t that expensive, and they’re known for being safe and reliable. Overall, this means cheaper Volkswagen car insurance.

But because models come in a wide range of prices, comparing Volkswagen car insurance rates from different companies is the crucial first step. In less than three minutes,’s free online tool will provide rates from up to 30 carriers. Our licenced brokers will also work with you, customizing your application to select coverages that best align with how you use your car.

To get the best coverage at the lowest rate, use our free online tool to compare Volkswagen insurance costs from up to 30 carriers.

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Your questions about Volkswagen car insurance rates, answered.

What is the cheapest Volkswagen to insure?

According to Volkswagen Canada, the most popular models sold in the country are the Jetta, Golf, Tiguan, Passat, and of course, the Beetle. Volkswagens are known for hitting the sweet spot between design and reliability, so it’s not surprising that VWs are very popular in Canada—the Jetta and Golf models were among the country’s top 10 best-selling cars in 2019.

Because they’re so ubiquitous, the Insurance Bureau of Canada has a fair amount of data on Volkswagen insurance claims. The bureau’s annual How Cars Measure Up report looks at claim rates for collision, comprehensive, direct compensation property damage and accident benefits. According to the report, most Volkswagens have average or below average relative insurance claim costs compared to the national average. Less expensive claims means the vehicle is considered less risky by insurers, which translates to lower Volkswagen car insurance rates.

The cheapest Volkswagen to insure would likely be Golf and Jetta four-door models, which consistently have more favourable ratings—but again, it depends on the exact model and year, as well as the owner’s driving history. To find the best car insurance rates for your Volkswagen, enter the vehicle’s details into an online quote tool.

Used vs. new Volkswagen: which is cheaper to insure?

In general, newer vehicles cost more to insure than older ones because it costs more to repair or replace a new car. However, that’s just one of several variables that influence insurance costs.

While insurance carriers are often most concerned about the driver’s history, it’s important to be aware if the vehicle was damaged in a collision before you owned it. If the car has any previous damage, it could have a big effect on used car insurance rates for a Volkswagen.

All things considered, auto insurance for a used Volkswagen is likely to be reasonably priced, as long as you don’t have a bad driving record and the car doesn’t have any previous collision damage. It’s important to compare Volkswagen insurance across different insurance companies to find the best price for your new or used vehicle.

What is the best car insurance for a Volkswagen?

To find the best car insurance for your Volkswagen, it’s a good idea to use an online quoting tool to get a sense of what different insurers have to offer. With so many different models out there, it’s important to gather at least three different Volkswagen car insurance quotes from different brokers so you can compare deductibles, coverage limits and exclusions. When looking at a potential Volkswagen insurance policy, consider how often you use your vehicle and the amount of coverage you need, so you’re not overpaying for coverage you won’t use. Talking to a Volkswagen insurance broker can also be helpful, because they can review various insurance policies with you and offer valuable insights about each type of Volkswagen insurance coverage. Next, they can customize your policy so your coverage aligns with how you use your vehicle. A licensed broker can also help you review your options for a Volkswagen insurance policy renewal.

How auto insurance quotes for Volkswagen are calculated

When calculating Volkswagen car insurance prices, insurance companies look at two main things: the type of car and the type of driver. With the vehicle itself, insurers look at the make and model, sticker price, safety rating and safety features. When it comes to the person driving the car, insurers look at details including your age, gender, location and driving history. How comprehensive the policy is also matters, because a more comprehensive policy will be more expensive.


  • Age and gender – Young males tend to pay higher car insurance rates.
  • Annual mileage – If you’re using your Volkswagen daily for work, you’ll have a different rate than if you use it occasionally.
  • Primary location – Where you’re based
  • Record – Any claims or violations will impact your premiums.


  • Age – And, associated replacement value.
  • Safety rating. Does the Volkswagen have safety features which make it more safe?
  • Type – Brand and model.


  • Coverage type, limits and deductibles.
  • Whether you’re looking for a new policy for your Volkswagen, or, for an insurance renewal.

To get the best vehicle insurance for Volkswagens at the lowest rate, use’s free online tool to compare Volkswagen insurance costs from more than 30 insurance companies.

How can I reduce the price of car insurance for my Volkswagen?

Car insurance coverage requirements vary by province and territory. For example, Ontario drivers are legally required to have the following: third-party liability, accident benefits, direct compensation-property damage coverage (DCPD) and uninsured automobile coverage.

In other provinces, car insurance is administered through public programs, or, in some instances through a combination of public programs and private insurance companies.

Additional optional coverage is also available to drivers across the country. Adjusting the details of your policy, including coverage types, can help you bring down your rate.

To find the cheapest car insurance for your Volkswagen, start with a quote.

In addition, consider the following tactics:

  • Age – As drivers age, their premiums go down in large part because they can reflect more experience driving.
  • Bundling – Drivers who package more than one policy with a single insurance company may be eligible for savings.
  • Clean driving record – Carriers often recognize drivers with clean driving records with favourable rates.
  • Credit score – In some provinces, drivers who opt to have their credit score considered as part of their insurance application, may be eligible for savings.
  • Raising your deductible – Drivers willing to pay a higher deductible may be able to reduce their premiums. However, it’s important that drivers only do so if they’re confident they’ll be able to pay a higher deductible in the event of damage.
  • Telematic programs – Drivers who opt into telematics programs which track their driving behaviour may be eligible for savings. Insurance carriers can personalize your premiums based on your driving behaviour.

If you’re seeking Volkswagen insurance for a young driver, you could reduce your costs by being insured on one of your parents’ policies.

Completing a driving course can result in savings. And, in some instances, schools offer insurance discounts to students who maintain good grades.

Is it safe to buy Volkswagen insurance online?

Absolutely, online shopping for Volkswagen insurance coverage is 100% safe. It’s also fast.

Our free online tool will provide quotes from more than 30 carriers across the country.

We’ve helped Canadians save more than $1 billion on their insurance costs.

Get a quote to start saving today.

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