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Windsor is nicknamed 'The City of Roses' for a city-wide love of flowers. It's also the final stop along both Highway 401 and Via Rail's Quebec City-Windsor line. Downtown Windsor is divided by Ouellette Avenue, which runs north-south through the centre of the city. Alternatively, the E.C. Row Expressway is one of the quickest ways to travel east-west across Windsor, and it passes just north of Windsor Airport.

Of course, the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel are two of Windsor's most important connections with the U.S. and with Detroit. Drivers in and around Windsor should buy a quality car insurance plan that provides good coverage in both Canada and the U.S., especially since they're so close to the border. Comparison sites like are a great place to get the best plan for the lowest price.

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Windsor's close connection to Detroit, the car manufacturing capital of North America, makes domestic cars very popular on the Canadian side of the border.

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  1. Jeep
  2. Dodge
  3. Nissan
  4. Chevrolet
  5. Ford

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The metro population of Windsor is over 319,000 people, but thousands more commute to the city on a regular basis. The Windsor-Detroit corridor brings many drivers to the region, but our Windsor car insurance shoppers break down like this:

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Facts and myths about driving in Windsor


  • Windsor built two interchanges under the CP railway line to improve the flow of traffic. These grade separations are part of the city's "Let's Get Windsor-Essex Moving" project, which is funded by the Ontario government.
  • The Detroit-Windsor tunnel is the 2nd busiest border crossing in North America. The tunnel is popular among drivers because it runs beneath the Detroit River, connecting the two cities underground. Experts say as many as 150,000 jobs depend on the tunnel's ability to move traffic across the border.
  • The Windsor Via Rail train station is the 6th busiest passenger train station in Canada. Thousands of travellers visit Windsor to take in the city, drop by the Caesars Windsor Casino, or cross the border to Detroit. The train station is a good option for people who want to enter or exit the city without taking to the roads.


  • Accessing Windsor Airport is challenging. False. Thousands of travellers choose to fly out of Windsor. They can also drive over to Detroit, which has flights to many corners of the world.
  • Windsor isn't home to any famous musicians. False. One of Canada's most successful progressive rock bands, The Tea Party, was founded in 1990 in Windsor. They took a break starting in 2005 then reformed in Windsor in 2011.
  • Windsor loses its Canadian identity because of its close relationship with Detroit. False. While the two cities overlap in many ways, Windsor still loudly expresses its Canadian pride. The Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival is held every July and hosts one of the largest fireworks displays in North America. The fireworks are powered by both cities as a celebration of Canada Day and Independence Day.

Windsor driving tips

  1. Plan ahead if you travel east to west through Windsor. The E.C. Row Expressway is one of the few major roads that drivers can use for east-west cruising, and it's often subjected to heavy traffic from locals and out-of-town commuters. If you need to get from one side of the city to the other, plan your route beforehand to avoid getting stuck in the mess.
  2. If you're crossing the border to Detroit, plan around rush hour. Ambassador Bridge is the number one border crossing location in all of North America. As a result, when you try to cross the bridge, traffic can often be backed up for hours. Plan trips to the U.S. around the busiest times of day to keep frustration to a minimum.
  3. You can find the bulk of in-town construction at the waterfront. The city is heavily investing in developments along the waterfront, which makes driving through areas around the Detroit River rife with delays. If you can find alternative ways to navigate north-south through Windsor other than along the waterfront, you can save yourself quite the headache.

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