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If any place deserves the moniker "thriving Canadian city", it's Markham. This prosperous, diverse, rapidly growing GTA community just works. The city also currently has a population of over 300,000 residents, so it's little wonder why Markham officially changed its designation from "town" to "city" back in 2012.

With a great network of highways that includes Highway 404, Highway 7, and the 407 ETR, it's easy to get around in Markham — but finding cheap auto insurance isn't always as easy. Markham motorists still pay rates that are well above the provincial average, so it's important to shop around for your auto insurance quote.

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According to data gathered at LowestRates.ca, Markham drivers tend to buy Japanese branded vehicles.

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Most Markham households have at least one car, which means there are usually a lot of vehicles on Markham roads and a lot of drivers on the lookout for cheap car insurance. Based on our data, here's who's shopping for car insurance in the city.

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Driving in Markham: facts and myths

Fun facts
  • With over 60,000 vehicles travelling through it daily, Markham's busiest intersection is Steeles Avenue E. and Woodbine.
  • Every summer, Markham hosts the Main Street Markham Farmers' Market. Now in its 15th year, the Farmers' Market offers fresh, locally grown produce, baked goods, BBQ, and weekly live music. Drivers can find parking at Markham Road and Highway 7.
  • According to Statistic Canada's National Household Survey, Markham is Canada's most diverse city with 72.3% of its population comprised of visible minorities.
  • Markham roads are constantly congested. False. Off-peak driving is usually congestion-free in Markham, unless an accident or construction slows things down.
  • Markham is only a bedroom community servicing downtown Toronto. False. In fact, over 1000 high-tech and life sciences companies are headquartered in Markham. Many Ontarians commute into Markham throughout the work week.
  • Main Street Markham construction is complete. False. Phase 4 of the Main Street project is next, and it’ll take place between Bullock Drive and 16th Avenue.

Markham driving tips

  1. Monitor Markham road construction. Several major repair and reconstruction projects are currently being done on Markham roads. This includes the ongoing rebuilding and widening of Highway 7 from Town Centre Boulevard to Sciberras Road.
  2. Consider a Hwy 407 ETR transponder. While travelling on the 407 ETR is anything but cheap, for Markham commuters going east and west, this toll road can be indispensable.
  3. Don't sweat Unionville street parking. If you're planning a trip to Markham's beautiful and, at times, crowded Main Street Unionville, a large parking lot can be found behind the Starbucks coffee shop.
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