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Customer service was great
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How comparing home insurance quotes works. Hint: it’s free!


Next, we’ll show you quotes from 50+ Canadian providers. It’s free, with no commitment.


When you find the best quote, secure your Dieppe home insurance rate by talking to a licensed broker or agent.

How we find you the best home insurance rates in Dieppe.

Dieppe, New Brunswick, is home to the largest Francophone community in Canada east of Quebec.

The city is named in honour of Canadian soldiers who died in the Second World War during a battle on the beaches of Dieppe, France. The New Brunswick city is becoming an increasingly popular place to live, particularly among families who work in nearby Moncton.

The city boasts an extensive network of outdoor public spaces and trails, as well as a reasonable cost of living.

To keep costs down, many residents also secure affordable house insurance in Dieppe by comparing available rates with our free online tool.

In less than three minutes, you can compare free quotes for house insurance in Dieppe from 50+ of the best insurance providers in Canada.


Tips on how to lower the cost of your property insurance in Dieppe.

Getting insurance for your home is easier than you think. To get the lowest home insurance rate possible in Dieppe, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada recommends following these steps:.

Compare home insurance quotes from various providers.

Ask your broker or agent about bundling your home and car insurance policies.

Ask your broker or agent about which discounts you qualify for.

You might be able to further reduce your by increasing your deductible (the amount you pay toward a claim before your insurance kicks in) and by offering to pay your insurance bill annually instead of monthly.

Increasing your deductible is a great way to save on home insurance in the short term, but make sure you have money reserved for this purpose. Focusing on finding cheap quotes isn’t always a good idea. Having the right amount of coverage should always be the goal.

Factors that determine your home insurance quote in Dieppe.

Your home insurance policy can be customized to suit your needs and the property you’re insuring.

Home insurance prices in Dieppe and elsewhere are determined by dwelling type (is it a single-detached home, a house with a basement tenant suite, or a condo?). Insurance companies also try to predict the type of claim you might make in the future, and how much it will cost.

Here are some of the criteria insurance companies look at when calculating your premium:

  • The square footage of your home.
  • Contents and quality of construction.
  • The location of your home.
  • Distance to a fire hydrant.
  • Your insurance claims history.
  • The age of your roof.
  • Your home’s plumbing.
  • Your home’s electrical system.

Your questions about home insurance in Dieppe, answered.

How much is home insurance in Dieppe?

Looking at the average home insurance cost in Dieppe isn’t necessarily a good way to gauge how much you’re likely to pay. Instead, insurance companies take a number of factors into account when providing a home insurance estimate.

They collect information to try to determine if you’re a low or high risk . For example, they’ll look at your claims history as an indication of how likely you are to make a claim. They’ll also want to know what type of coverage you’re seeking and what type of home you’re seeking coverage for.

To get the best insurance rates for a home in Dieppe, comparing what’s available is an essential first step. Our online tool is fast and free. In less than three minutes, you can compare quotes from 50+ leading carriers in Canada.

Start by inputting details about you and your home.

After you receive free quotes, a broker will contact you to answer any questions you have, provide free recommendations and help customize the policy so you’re only paying for the coverage you need — nothing more.

What perils are specific to Dieppe?

To receive an insurance estimate for your home in Dieppe, you’ll need to select a policy type:

  • Comprehensive: Covers homeowners against all perils to their home and its contents, except for what is specifically excluded.
  • Broad: Covers against all perils to the home and against specified perils to its contents.
  • Basic: Protects against specified perils to the home and against specified perils for its contents.

When deciding on an insurance provider for your home in Dieppe, you’ll want to make sure that you clearly understand the policy they’re offering — what it includes and what it excludes.

While a comprehensive policy will include protection against certain types of water damage, most policies exclude flood protection.

At, we recommend that regardless of whether you get a comprehensive, broad or basic policy, you consider purchasing additional coverage for flood protection — particularly since Dieppe is situated on a river.

Insurance companies distinguish between different types of flooding: overland, sewer back-up and tidal. Depending on your home’s location, closely consider what type of flood insurance makes sense for you.

  • Overland flooding: Refers to water flooding or seeping into a home after overflowing from a nearby lake or river. This type of flooding is common during a natural disaster, severe thunderstorm or thaw.
  • Sewer back-up: Is considered water damage after a flood of sewage in a basement. This usually happens when a stormwater system in a low-lying area is overwhelmed and sewage backs up into a home. It’s as unpleasant as it sounds, and you’ll be relieved to have coverage if it happens in your home. For homes that are built below sea level or on a flood plain, this insurance coverage type may be an especially good investment.
  • Tidal flooding: Refers to saltwater that floods a home following a tidal wave or tsunami.

When it comes to protection from certain types of water damage, be aware that if your home is built on a flood plain, some types of floods may be considered an uninsurable peril.

After you use our free online tool to compare quotes from 50+ of the best carriers in Canada, you’ll be contacted by a broker who can help you customize your policy and who will answer any questions you have, including those about flood protection.

What perils does home insurance cover in Dieppe?

Getting the best home insurance in Dieppe means securing coverage that aligns with your risk tolerance. For example, if you’d like to have as much protection as possible, you can opt for a comprehensive policy as well as additional protection against exclusions such as flooding or earthquake. You may end up paying more, but you’ll have peace of mind.

On the other hand, if your priority is to get cheap insurance for your home in Dieppe, you may be comfortable with less protection at a lower cost. In that case, you may choose to get a broad or basic policy and no additional coverage.

In general, the following perils are covered by most home insurance regardless of where you live in Canada:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosions
  • Smoke damage (as long as it isn’t from your fireplace)
  • Electrical surges or currents
  • Broken windows
  • Vehicle impacts
  • Falling objects (trees are a common risk)
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Severe weather such as hail or wind
  • Water damage from certain causes such as flooding and sewer back-up

What perils won’t property insurance cover in Dieppe?

Be aware of any exclusions named in your policy. For example, it’s common for policies to exclude protection against flooding and earthquake as well as vacancy and disrepair.

Other common exclusions are:

  • Sewer back-up (this is often caused by flooding)
  • Business activities.
  • Freezing inside your home during the normal heating season. Many home insurance providers won’t cover damage if your pipes freeze and burst.
  • Damage caused by tenants if your home is rented out.

What can you do to save on home insurance premiums in Dieppe?

The crucial first step to finding a great home insurance rate is to compare quotes in Dieppe.

Our online tool will do this for free, quickly comparing current home insurance rates in Dieppe from 50+ of the best providers in the country.

Beyond comparison shopping some easy ways to lower the cost of home insurance in Dieppe include:

  • Bundling your policies so your home and car insurance are held by the same company.
  • Increasing your deductible. However, we recommend you only do so if you’re likely to have the cash available to pay a larger deductible in the event of a claim.
  • Getting a home inspection to verify the condition of the home when it’s first insured.
  • Installing a burglar alarm.
  • Limiting the volume of insurance claims.
  • Getting a carbon monoxide monitor, smoke detector and sprinkler system.
  • Updating the home so it’s as resistant to disaster as possible.

What are the best home insurance companies in Dieppe?

Even though location is one of the key factors insurance companies look at when providing an estimate for any home, they don’t favour one locale over another.

Instead, they look at the combination of factors in your application to gauge how high a risk you are.

For example, they’ll be interested to know what type of coverage you want and what amount. They’ll also ask for information about the property, including its location, the structure and its state of repair. And, they’ll be keen to know about you, the policy holder, looking at your claims history.

Once you’ve used our free online tool to compare quotes, you’ll be contacted by a broker with expertise on home insurance in Dieppe. They’ll answer all of your questions and make recommendations on how you can secure the best coverage for the lowest rate.

You can occasionally secure discounts from a carrier you’ve been with for a long time, comparison shopping is almost always to your advantage when seeking savings on home insurance.

What if I own a condo or rent? Can I still buy property insurance online?

Yes, insurance coverage for homes in Dieppe is easily available regardless of structure type.

When you use our free online tool for home insurance quotes in Dieppe, you’ll be asked about the structure and location of the home, among other things.

If you live in a condo, we recommend you carefully review any policy held by your condo association to make sure you secure coverage that protects you over and above their policy.

Similarly, if you rent, you’ll be looking for a type of homeowners insurance in Dieppe called tenant insurance.

As with condo coverage, renters should acquaint themselves with the details of coverage they’ll need beyond any policy their landlord holds.

A landlord’s policy will often cover structural damage, but won’t protect the contents of your unit in the event of a claim.

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