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How comparing home insurance quotes works. Hint: it’s free!


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Find the best home insurance rates in Moncton.

Are you searching for affordable home insurance in Moncton? If you want to find the cheapest rates, there’s no getting around it: you have to shop the market.

Luckily, has perfected the process of shopping for home insurance. We offer all the information you need in one place. Plus our free, online quote tool lets you compare home insurance quotes in Moncton in a snap.

We know how important it is to protect your home and find coverage you can afford. That’s why works with all the leading home insurance providers across Canada.

Simply enter a few key details about your home and your coverage preferences into our quote tool. It takes just three minutes. You’ll instantly receive 50+ customized quotes reflecting current home insurance rates in Moncton, that take into account your specific insurance needs. It’s never been so easy to find the lowest rates on home insurance.

Need more information before you buy? It’s wise to be an educated consumer when it comes to home insurance. Since a home may be your single largest financial commitment, you want to be sure you understand the ins and outs of home insurance and get the right coverage.

Read on for more perspective on what every savvy home insurance customer should know. And when you’re ready to save, click on our online quote tool above to get started.


Tips on how to lower the cost of your property insurance in Moncton.

Getting insurance for your home is easier than you think. To get the lowest rate possible, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada recommends following these steps when shopping for home insurance.

Compare home insurance quotes from various providers.

Ask your broker or agent about bundling your home and car insurance policies.

Ask your broker or agent about which discounts you qualify for.

You might be able to further reduce your by increasing your deductible (the amount you pay toward a claim before your insurance kicks in) and by offering to pay your insurance bill annually instead of monthly.

Increasing your deductible is a great way to save on home insurance in the short term, just make sure you have money reserved for this purpose. Focusing on finding cheap quotes isn’t always a good idea. Having the right amount of coverage — now that should always be the goal.

Factors that determine your home insurance quote in Moncton.

Your home insurance policy will be customized to suit your needs and the property you’re insuring.

Home insurance premiums are determined by dwelling type (is it a single-detached home, a house with a basement tenant suite, or a condo?). Insurance companies also try to predict the kind and size of claim you might make in the future.

Here are some of the criteria insurance companies look at when calculating your premium.

  • The square footage of your home.
  • Contents and quality of construction.
  • The location of your home.
  • Distance to a fire hydrant.
  • Your insurance claims history.
  • The age of your roof.
  • Your home’s plumbing.
  • Your home’s electrical system.

Your questions about home insurance in Moncton, answered.

How much is home insurance in Moncton?

Because home insurance is always customized to the specific property and homeowner, knowing the average home insurance cost in Moncton probably won’t tell you much about your own home insurance premiums.

Location is only one factor that insurance providers take into account when setting your rates.

To get a realistic home insurance estimate for your Moncton property, request quotes from several insurance providers.

Your policy will be designed to fit your budget, coverage needs, and the unique features of your home. Then you can compare quotes to find the best rate.

What perils are specific to Moncton?

The likelihood of different risks to your home varies based on your area. Homeowners in Moncton like those throughout New Brunswick should be aware of the risk of flooding in the spring, when snowmelt combined with rain can pose a higher risk of water damage to your home.

Standard home insurance policies typically exclude flood damage coverage. However, most insurance providers offer this as an optional add-on or as a separate insurance offering.

Sewage backup often occurs during a flood, and this peril is also a common exclusion in standard home insurance policies. Like flood damage insurance, coverage for this peril may also be available from your insurance provider as an add-on or special individual product.

What perils does home insurance cover in Moncton?

In the insurance industry, a “peril” is a hazard that may pose a risk of damage, resulting in an insurance claim.

Typical perils covered by home insurance in Moncton and elsewhere include:

  • Fire
  • Electrical current
  • Lightning
  • Explosions
  • Smoke damage (as long as it’s not from your fireplace)
  • Broken windows
  • Falling objects (like tree limbs)
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Hail, wind and other severe weather
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Certain types of water damage (flooding and sewer backup are usually not covered unless you purchase special insurance for these perils)

What perils won’t property insurance cover in Moncton?

No home insurance policy covers damage from every possible peril. It’s essential to know what your insurance policy includes and what it doesn’t.

Often it’s possible to opt for add-on or special coverage for additional risks not included with standard home insurance.

Typical home insurance policies exclude damage from these perils:

  • Flooding
  • Sewer backup
  • Freezing outdoors on your property
  • Freezing inside your property during the cold season (when homes are usually heated)
  • Earthquakes, avalanches, landslides and other earth movements
  • Business-related activities
  • Criminal behavior
  • Vacancy
  • Renters

Many insurance providers offer coverage for flooding and sewer backup as special add-ons to a standard home insurance policy, or as standalone products you can purchase separately.

If you plan to rent out your home or use it for business long-term, talk to your insurance company about other options for insurance coverage.

Special insurance products are available for seasonal homes such as cottages. Your home insurance company will have guidelines you’ll need to follow to protect your home from damage, such as draining the pipes and turning off the water before leaving a property vacant for the season, or having someone regularly check it for any maintenance needs.

If you plan to be away from your primary residence for an extended time, ask your home insurance provider what you should do to prepare your property and protect it. They will be able to guide you about what is required so that your home insurance coverage will still apply while you are away.

What kind of home insurance do you need in Moncton?

The kind of home insurance coverage you need in Moncton depends on your risk tolerance and coverage preferences as well as your budget.

Many Canadian homeowners opt for comprehensive home insurance, which offers the greatest protection against the most forms of risk.

Since a home is most people’s largest purchase, many homeowners feel that greater protection is a worthwhile investment.

Your home insurance price in Moncton will go up with a higher level of coverage, so it’s also important to consider your budget when shopping for home insurance. A basic policy can be a more budget-friendly option that still protects you from financial risk from many common causes of damage.

By comparing insurance offerings on, you can ensure you get the lowest price on the market for whatever level of home insurance coverage you choose. We’ll help you maximize your investment to get the best protection for your home at the cheapest rates around. Just use our online quote tool above to get started.

What can you do to save on home insurance premiums in Moncton?

The best method for securing cheap home insurance in Moncton is to shop the market. (Hint: Using’s free, online quote tool makes this easy).

Insurance rates and policies vary by company, so it’s important to compare customized quotes to lock in the best deal.

In addition to shopping around, there are a few other good ways you may be able to lower your home insurance cost in Moncton. These include:

  • Bundling insurance products - Most insurance providers offer discounts for buying multiple products, such as home and auto coverage.
  • Increasing your home’s safety and security - Find out whether your home insurance provider offers incentives for special equipment, such as monitored fire and burglar alarm systems.
  • Raising your deductible - Your insurance deductible is the amount of a loss you’re responsible for covering before your insurance provider pays out. A higher deductible will usually come with a lower premium. Just be sure you have enough money set aside to cover the deductible in case of a claim.
  • Paying your insurance premium annually - Paying your premium on an annual basis rather than in monthly installments may earn you a discount from some insurance companies.
  • Checking for discounts - Many insurance providers offer discounts to membership groups like certain employers (including retirees) and alumni associations. Some providers offer non-smoker discounts and lower rates for long-time customers.
  • Reviewing your coverage regularly - Sometimes your coverage needs change. Reviewing your policy at renewal time is a healthy financial habit to ensure you’re not paying for excess coverage. Getting a few quotes from competing providers is also a good idea. Just because your insurance company offered a great deal a decade ago doesn’t mean their rates are the most competitive today. Shop around when you renew to keep up with the market’s lowest available home insurance rates in Moncton.

What are the best home insurance companies in Moncton?

Home insurance is ultimately a customized product, so the best home insurance in Moncton really depends on your property, coverage preferences and budget.

There’s a good chance the insurance provider that your neighbour uses may not be the best fit for you and your home. works with all the leading insurance providers in the Moncton market so you can be sure you’re getting reliable coverage from a reputable provider.

As with any purchase you make, it pays to be an educated consumer. Learn about the types of coverage available and determine what type of policy best suits you.

When you’re ready, use to get Moncton home insurance quotes online to be sure you’re getting the best rate. If you still have questions about insurance, you’ll be able to get them answered when a licensed Moncton home insurance broker connects with you to secure your coverage.

What if I own a condo or rent? Can I still buy property insurance online?

Yes. makes finding home insurance convenient, whether you’re seeking homeowners insurance in Moncton for a house you own, tenant insurance for an apartment you rent, or a condo insurance policy designed especially to fill the gaps for things that your condo association’s policy doesn’t cover.

Insurance providers design policies specifically to cover these different dwelling types. Renters, for example, don’t need coverage for the building, since their landlord is responsible for that. However, tenants should know that their landlord’s insurance policy won’t cover the contents of their apartment, personal liability if someone is injured while visiting, or additional living expenses if they’re forced to move during repairs. Tenant insurance covers these specific needs of renters, without the building coverage they don’t need.

House insurance in Moncton designed for homeowners covers the structure, contents, outbuildings, liability and additional living expenses.

Condo coverage protects you from losses inside your unit that your condo association’s policy typically doesn’t cover.

Whatever kind of home you live in, can help you shop all the top home insurance providers in Moncton. When you use our online quote tool, we’ll ask you for the dwelling type and a few other basic questions about your home. You’ll get 50+ quotes for home insurance so you can easily locate the lowest price for the coverage you need.

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*Shoppers in Canada who obtained a home insurance quote on from January to December 2023 saved an average of 32% The average savings percentage represents the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third lowest quoted premiums generated by Excludes condo and tenant insurance.