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Great service!
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Quick efficient and very helpful 👌
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Good experience was pretty quick
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Very kind and helpful
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Excellent service
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How comparing home insurance quotes works. Hint: it’s free!


Next, we’ll show you quotes from 50+ Canadian providers. It’s free, with no commitment.


When you find the best quote, secure your St. John’s home insurance rate by talking to a licensed broker or agent.

Getting home insurance in St. John’s.

Home insurance isn’t required by law anywhere in Canada, but is nonetheless an excellent tool for protecting one of your most significant assets, your home.

In addition, most policies come with protection for your contents, liability coverage and, often, living expenses if you’re unable to remain in your home due to damage from what’s called a ‘covered peril’.

Common covered perils included in comprehensive policies are explosion, fire, hail and some forms of water damage.

While none are necessarily common occurrences, they’re also not rare.

To secure an affordable insurance rate for your home in St. John’s, we recommend that you compare available rates.

Our free, online tool offers quotes from the 50+ best providers in Canada. It takes less than three minutes to use, all you need to do is answer a few questions about the type of property you’d like to insure, it’s location and what type of coverage you’re seeking.

You’ll choose from among three insurance policy types: comprehensive, broad and basic. You’ll also be asked if you’d like to get additional coverage that’s not automatically built into most policies.

Since weather across Canada has become more severe, we recommend that you seriously consider adding flood protection to any insurance policy for a house in St. John’s.


Tips on how to lower the cost of your home insurance policy in St. John’s.

Getting insurance for your home is easier than it may seem. To secure the best price for home insurance in St. John’s, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada recommends following these steps when shopping for home insurance.

Compare insurance quotes online for homes in St. John’s from various providers.

Ask your broker or agent about bundling your home and car insurance policies.

Ask your broker or agent about which discounts you qualify for.

You might be able to further reduce your by increasing your deductible (the amount you pay toward a claim before your insurance kicks in) and by offering to pay your insurance bill annually instead of monthly.

Increasing your deductible is a great way to save on home insurance in the short term, just make sure you have money reserved for this purpose. Focusing on finding cheap quotes isn’t always a good idea. Having the right amount of coverage — now that should always be the goal.

Factors that determine your home insurance quote in St. John’s.

Your home insurance policy will be customized to suit your needs and the property you’re insuring.

Home insurance premiums are determined by dwelling type (is it a single-detached home, a house with a basement tenant suite, or a condo?). Insurance companies also try to predict the kind and size of claim you might make in the future.

Here are some of the criteria insurance companies look at when calculating your premium.

  • Contents and quality of construction.
  • Distance to a fire hydrant.
  • The age of your roof.
  • The location of your home.
  • The square footage of your home.
  • Your home’s plumbing.
  • Your home’s electrical system.
  • Your insurance claims history.

Your questions about home insurance in St. John's, answered.

How much is home insurance in St. John's?

Because of how many variables go into determining cost, there’s no average for home insurance in St. John’s.

The coverage that’s best for one homeowner is not necessarily the best for another. Put another way, two identical homes on the same street could end up with different premiums due to differences in building quality, contents, and the owners themselves.

To get the best insurance for a home in St. John’s, start by comparing available rates from various insurance companies. Our free online tool will provide quotes from 50+ of the best providers in Canada.

By picking and choosing coverage type and sharing the details of your home, you’ll receive a range of quotes. Each can be customized to suit your circumstance and risk tolerance.

If you’re looking for the maximum amount of coverage irrespective of cost, you can opt for a comprehensive policy to protect your home and its contents, adding additional coverage for perils such as flooding and earthquake.

If your priority is a low premium and you have a bit more tolerance for risk, you can choose a policy with less coverage than a comprehensive policy – for example, a broad or basic policy – and not apply any additional coverage.

Regardless of coverage type, there are many adjustments you can make to the policy itself to bring down overall cost. Simple tactics can be applied such as raising your deductible to reduce your monthly premium or bundling your policies so that your home and car insurance are held by the same company.

Ultimately, you want to convey to an insurance provider that you’re a good risk. To that end, a non-smoker who has installed a security alarm, lives close to a fire hydrant in a neighbourhood with low crime and carefully maintains his or her property is likely to secure a lower premium.

What perils are specific to St. John's?

Homeowners with comprehensive policies will be covered for perils that result in sudden, unexpected damage. This tends to include things like broken windows, an explosion, a lightning strike or vandalism.

For most home insurance policies, protection against flooding is not included. We recommend that you seriously consider getting additional coverage for flooding.

When doing so, note that insurance companies make a distinction between different types of flooding. So, you’ll want to consider coverage for protection against sewer back-up, overland flooding and tidal flooding – for damage caused by salt water.

When you’re getting an insurance estimate for a home in St.John’s, closely consider the specific flooding coverage you could benefit from.

What perils does home insurance cover in St. John's?

Most comprehensive policies cover perils that are likely to be in an issue in St.John’s. For example, a comprehensive policy will cover damage from wind, which is well-worth considering for any home in Newfoundland.

For homeowners seeking insurance in St.John’s, we also recommend getting additional coverage for flooding.

We recommend this more and more often as extreme weather is increasingly an issue across Canada.

What perils won’t property insurance cover in St. John's?

If you have a broad or basic policy, you’ll have less coverage than a comprehensive policy provides.

With a broad policy, your home and its contents will be protected against perils specifically named in a policy.

A basic policy will protect you against specified perils and against specified perils for your contents.

If you’d like your home to be protected against flooding, earthquakes or any peril that’s named as an exclusion, you’ll have to get additional insurance coverage for your home in St.John’s.

Once you get a quote using our free online tool, you’ll be able to connect with a broker. They’ll answer any questions you have, including any additional coverage you should consider getting for a home in St.John’s.

What kind of home insurance do you need in St. John's?

While the cost of your insurance is influenced in large part by the location of your home, the type of coverage you get is as relevant, if not more.

For example, if you purchase a comprehensive policy and get additional coverage for flooding, the cost of an insurance premium for a home in St. John’s is likely to be higher than the cost of a broad policy for the same home.

With this in mind, there isn’t any particular type of policy that’s best for a specific location. Getting the best coverage at the lowest rate instead depends on the type of policy you’re most comfortable with, including additional endorsements that align with the level of protection you're seeking.

Because of the increasing instances of severe weather across Canada, we recommend that every homeowner seriously consider getting additional coverage for flooding.

Compare available rates from home insurance providers serving St. John’s to find out what premium you’re able to secure.

Once you’ve used our free online quote tool, you’ll be able to connect with a broker who will answer all of your questions for free and make recommendations about how to reduce your costs further.

What can you do to save on home insurance premiums in St.John's?

The fastest and easiest way to save on insurance for your home in St. John’s is to compare quotes.

Our free online quote tool will provide current insurance rates for homes in St. John’s from 50+ of the best providers in Canada.

When using the tool, you’ll see how straightforward it is to customize your policy so that you’re only paying for the coverage you need, nothing more.

Other ways to get affordable home insurance in St. John’s include: bundling your policies so that each is held with the same provider.

You can also take steps to reflect to home insurance providers serving St. John’s that your property and the structures on it are well maintained. For example, you keep up-to-date on general maintenance to the roof and porches.

To reflect to providers that you’re a good risk, you may be able to secure a lower rate if you instal a security alarm as well as take steps toward fire prevention by installing a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.

Beyond that, you may be eligible for discounts through an alumni or professional association.

Be sure to check with a broker to find out if you’re taking every step you can to reduce your premium.

What are the best home insurance companies in St. John's?

Because of how many variables go into determining a premium, no single insurance company has the best insurance rates for homes in St. John’s.

Instead, to get a good price, you’ll want to focus on customizing your policy to ensure you’re only paying for the coverage you need, nothing more.

You’ll also want to shop around, comparing quotes from as many insurance providers as possible.

Once you’ve secured a quote you’re happy with, regardless of what company it’s with, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the details of the policy with a broker.

At that point, you can ask any questions you wish and receive free recommendations on savings opportunities.

By speaking with a broker, you’ll be able to confirm that the coverage you’ve selected aligns with the coverage you want. If you’re looking for the most amount of protection, you’re likely to end up with a comprehensive policy plus additional coverage for protection against things like flooding.

If you’re more cost-conscious and don’t necessarily have a lot of expensive belongings that you wish to protect, you may be content with a broad or basic policy.

By tailoring the policy and applying tested and true savings tactics like bundling or increasing your deductible, you’ll be able to bring down your insurance costs.

What if I own a condo or rent? Can I still buy property insurance online?

Yes, absolutely. Home insurance is available for any type of home – whether it’s a detached or semi-detached house, a condo, a townhouse or an apartment you rent.

Your best bet for getting cheap home insurance in St. John’s is to start by comparison shopping, looking at the range of quotes available from multiple providers to find the best coverage at the lowest rate.

Once you receive an insurance premium for your home in St. John’s that you’re happy with, you’ll be able to connect with a broker who can help you customize the policy further and potentially bring down your rate.

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