Meet belairdirect

Belairdirect has been providing home and auto insurance to Canadians since 1955. In its early stages, the company only provided insurance to consumers in Ontario and Quebec, but has since grown to service the entirety of Canada. Belairdirect is based on the principle of innovation, a commitment that was exemplified when the company became the first loss insurer in North America to offer an online quote back in 1997. Today, belairdirect continues to seek out innovative ways to provide top-notch customer service and offer opportunities to save on coverage policies.

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Table displaying belairdirect’s ratings for the claims process and overall user satisfaction, courtesy of J.D. Power and Associates

The belairdirect advantage


Belairdirect is reputed to be one of the most inexpensive car insurance providers in Canada. In addition to offering competitive base rates, the insurer allows clients to save with a variety of discounts. The savings opportunities offered by belairdirect will allow clients to reduce the cost of their premiums by 5%, or even as much as 25%. Here are some ways you can save on auto insurance with belairdirect.

  • Bundling auto and home insurance policies together
  • Insuring multiple vehicles with belairdirect
  • Carrying a history of safe driving when you sign up
  • Getting a group rate through a company or association
Special programs

Online claim tracking - Filing car insurance claims with belairdirect is as transparent as it gets. The insurer provides an online claims tracking service so that you can keep tabs on the status of your claim 24-7. This program also grants access to helpful resources, like an FAQ section, and allows you to get in touch with an advisor or claims adjuster. You can take a survey when your claim is completed to share your experience with others.

Automerit - The Automerit program uses an app to track certain driving habits, such as your rate of acceleration and braking, and the time of day you drive. It requires that you download a mobile app (and take it with you in your vehicle). Just by downloading the app you’ll save 5%, and depending on the results of your tracking, you could end up saving 25%.

Accident forgiveness: Belairdirect will not raise your premiums after your first at-fault accident if your policy includes accident forgiveness. Drivers with seven years’ of claims free driving are eligible to get accident forgiveness on their policy.

Is there an app?

Yes — simply search for belairdirect in the app store. The app claims to simplify the entire insurance process. Anywhere, anytime, you can instantly access your proof of insurance, call for roadside assistance and view your billing information. You can even submit a claim through the app. Be aware, it’s only available for iOS. The app for the Automerit program is separate.

How to submit a claim with belairdirect

You can file a claim with belairdirect online, through the app, or over the phone

  • Phone

    Make a claim over the phone: 1-844-441-7064

  • Mobile Phone

    To make a claim online, log into the belairdirect Client Centre. Or, launch the belairdirect app to file a claim from your smartphone.

  • Clock

    Hours of availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What else does belairdirect do?

Belairdirect offers coverage in the following categories:

  • Car Car
  • Home Home/condo/renter
  • RV Recreational vehicles

By getting multiple policies with belairdirect, you can save money with their bundling discount.

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