Meet Jevco

As far as auto insurers go, Jevco is unique: it caters to a challenging demographic that most car insurance companies exclude. Jevco offers coverage to drivers with multiple insurance claims, traffic convictions and licence suspensions (otherwise known as non-standard or high-risk policyholders). In fact, there was a time when most motorcyclists in Canada were covered by Jevco.

The company was founded in 1980 and is based in Mississauga, Ont. In 2012, Jevco was acquired by Intact Financial Corporation, which also owns Intact Insurance, belairdirect, Grey Power and BrokerLink, for a reported $350-million. The purchase helped increase Intact’s footprint in the Canadian auto insurance market. Jevco’s other products, such as commercial property, commercial automobile, surety, and also motorcycle insurance, are now available through Intact, making Intact Canada’s largest property and casualty insurer.

As of July 2016, Jevco is one of the first companies to offer insurance for Uber drivers and passengers at no additional cost. To qualify, all you need is an active policy with Jevco.

Jevco only offers personal auto insurance in Ontario. If you’re having trouble getting insured elsewhere, give Jevco a call.

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The Jevco advantage

Given that Jevco specializes in covering drivers deemed too high-risk by other insurers, it doesn’t advertise discounts the way other carriers do.

It does have some unique products, however:

Short-term coverage - With Jevco, you can purchase insurance in six-month increments instead of the standard year-long policy.

Different payment options - You can pay for your premium upfront in one lump sum. Or, if you prefer to go month-to-month, Jevco will make automatic deductions from your bank account.

Uber insurance - All Jevco policyholders are pre-approved for a special rider that offers coverage should they become Uber drivers. Jevco policyholders who drive for Uber (as well as their passengers) are covered at every stage of the trip: from the moment they make themselves available to accept a ride request, to the moment they drop off their clients.

Is there an app?

Jevco does not offer an app for car insurance policyholders.

How to submit a claim with Jevco

To file a claim with Jevco, you can either submit it through email or call a claims agent.

To file a claim by phone:
To file a claim by email:
Hours of availability:
Support is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

What else does Jevco do?

Since being acquired by Intact, Jevco no longer offers insurance products beyond coverage of private passenger vehicles. The company isn’t kidding around when it says its specialty is insuring drivers whose options are limited.

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