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Meet TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Canada

Founded in 1949, TD Insurance Meloche Monnex is part of TD Bank Group, one of Canada’s largest financial services institutions. Headquartered in Montreal, but with customers across the country except for B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Meloche Monnex is the country’s largest group insurer and its largest direct-response home and auto insurer. It offers special rates to alumni, professionals, union members and other groups, as well as a full-suite of modern, comprehensive coverage and discount options.

From apps to lower your rates to a team of collision care experts who are available 24-7, Meloche Monnex offers customers many ways to save and access its services.

The Meloche Monnex advantage


TD Meloche Monnex is Canada’s largest group insurer, offering employee, union member, alumni, professional association members and others discounts based on their associations.

TD Meloche Monnex rewards its customers with many discount opportunities. Some of the ways you can save include:

  • A good driving record
  • Bundling your insurance, either with multiple vehicles or with your home, condo, or rental insurance
  • Using the TD MyAdvantage app to save up to 25% based on good driving habits
  • Group discounts for alumni, students, union members, employees, professional association and more. Eligible graduates and professionals can save more than $845 a year just by bundling their home and auto insurance with TD Meloche Monnex
  • Installing anti-theft devices in your vehicles and your home can save you even more money
  • Going green: Meloche Monnex rewards eco-friendly drivers with discounts on hybrid vehicles
  • Installing snow tires in the winter months; it's an automatic discount, but it's only available to drivers in Ontario. 
  • Using the additional Aeroplan rewards points you'll receive after you bundle your insurance polices.
Special programs

TD Meloche Monnex offers a number of special programs as well:

The TD MyAdvantage program - Good drivers are rewarded with up to 25% off their car insurance under this innovative program, which uses an app to grade your driving behaviour.

Accident forgiveness - Eligible drivers get a second chance after a first collision.

Help when you need it - 24-hour customer service offers peace of mind.

Flexible and comprehensive coverage - You can ensure your car is protected against even the most unlikely of occurrences.

Is there an app?

TD Meloche Monnex offers its customers two innovative apps to improve their insurance experience:

The TD Insurance app

There when you need it, the TD insurance app makes it easy to start claims, download forms and even submit pictures of a collision or vehicle/property damage. It’s available for iPhone and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

Some of the TD Insurance app’s many features include:

  • An Accident Toolkit
  • The ability to modify coverage by adding or removing a driver with your fingertips
  • Claims forms
  • Collision repair and tow-truck information
  • Quick answers to questions such as: ‘Am I covered for rental cars?’ and ‘Can someone borrow my car?’
TD MyAdvantage

The TD MyAdvantage app can save drivers as much as 25% on their car insurance. The app collects data about how you drive — how fast you go, how suddenly you break, how well you corner, what time of day you drive — and then rewards you for good behaviour. Each trip is ranked and then an average score is used to calculate a discount of up to 25%.

Plus, you can try out the app for 30 days before enrolling in TD MyAdvantage, so you can get a sense of what your driving score is before you sign up. If you are already a Meloche Monnex auto insurance customer, or you want to learn more about the TD MyAdvantage app, you can call 1-866-223-1030.

How to submit a claim with Meloche Monnex

To file a claim, call the national claims hotline. You can also use the TD Insurance app to start claims and download forms.

  • Phone

    To make a claim over the phone: 1-877-323-0343

  • Clock

    Hours of availability: The claims line is available nationally 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

What else does Meloche Monnex do?

Post-secondary graduates and members of certain professional associations can save even more with TD Meloche Monnex. Many graduates of Canadian universities and colleges qualify for special rates from this innovative company, as do members of certain groups, such as the Professional Engineers of Ontario or the Canadian Nurses Association. Meloche Monnex is Canada’s leading group insurance provider, and in addition to alumni and professional discounts, your employer or union could also qualify you for a discount. From BlackBerry to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, there are many ways to qualify. Some student associations are also included, so for people under 25 struggling with higher rates, TD Meloche Monnex group rates can help lower the cost of your auto or home insurance.

TD Meloche Monnex offers car, homeowner, condo and rental insurance, as well as travel, motorcycle and RV coverage. You can save even more by bundling your insurance with Meloche Monnex.

Compare quotes from 30+ car insurance companies

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