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How to find the best home insurance in Repentigny

With just 86,000 residents, the peaceful suburb of Repentigny is where many Quebec residents have found their dream home. But how do you protect your greatest investment?

Traditionally, finding high-quality home insurance coverage in Repentigny has been challenging. Homeowners followed their realtor’s advice, responded to advertisements, or called up the local insurance broker for help. But these approaches aren’t comprehensive (e.g. your broker may not work with every insurance provider) and they’re not objective (e.g. just because an insurer has a big advertising budget doesn’t mean they’re the best).

That’s why RATESDOTCA exists. We show you quotes from dozens of different home insurance providers in Repentigny, so you can do a thorough, apples-to-apples comparison. It takes just one minute to find the perfect policy for your home. And you can secure a rate with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the right level of protection for a fair and reasonable price. And, it’s all free.


Tips on how to lower the cost of your home insurance policy in Repentigny.

Getting insurance for your home is easier than it may seem. To secure the lowest rate possible, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada recommends following these steps when shopping for home insurance.

Compare home insurance quotes from various providers.

Ask your broker or agent about bundling your home and car insurance policies.

Ask your broker or agent about which discounts you qualify for.

You might be able to further reduce your premium by increasing your deductible (the amount you pay toward a claim before your insurance kicks in) and by offering to pay your insurance bill annually instead of monthly.

Increasing your deductible is a great way to save on home insurance in the short term, just make sure you have money reserved for this purpose. Focusing on finding cheap quotes isn’t always a good idea. Having the right amount of coverage — now that should always be the goal.

Factors that determine your home insurance quote in Repentigny.

Your home insurance policy will be customized to suit your needs and the property you’re insuring.

Home insurance premiums are determined by dwelling type (is it a single-detached home, a house with a basement tenant suite, or a condo?). Insurance companies also try to predict the kind and size of claim you might make in the future.

Here are some of the criteria insurance companies look at when calculating your premium.

  • The square footage of your home.
  • Contents and quality of construction.
  • The location of your home.
  • Distance to a fire hydrant.
  • Your insurance claims history.
  • The age of your roof.
  • Your home’s plumbing.
  • Your home’s electrical system.

Do you really need home insurance in Repentigny?

If you’re struggling to find affordable home insurance in Repentigny, you may be tempted to skip it entirely. And while we understand the temptation to save a little money upfront, home insurance isn’t the place to do it! No homeowner should go without insurance for two major reasons:

First, it’s probably required by your mortgage lender. Unless you own your home outright, you have to pay off a long-term loan (i.e. a mortgage) issued by your bank or another lender. These institutions know that insurance is essential for your financial health as a homeowner, so they make it a non-negotiable condition of your mortgage. (In fact, many landlords require that monthly renters get apartment insurance for the same reason.)

Second, it can save you money in the long run. Even a modest single-family home can be incredibly costly to repair after a destructive event like a major storm. For instance, a basic roof replacement can cost north of $35,000 – far more than most homeowners can afford to shell out during an emergency. Home insurance covers those costs, and can replace your possessions, as well (think furniture, clothing, and electronics damaged in the storm). It’ll even fund your emergency housing costs, so you can stay elsewhere while your roof is fixed.

So how much does insurance actually cost? For most homeowners in Repentigny, the average cost of home insurance is around $80 monthly. That’s a very small price to pay for protection from extreme weather, fires, theft, and other common risks. And for many people, trusting in a financially secure future is virtually priceless.

Home Insurance Plans: The 3 Big Categories

Finding cheap home insurance in Repentigny can be tricky if you don’t know the jargon. Fortunately, home insurance plans come in just three major flavors that will begin to sound familiar as you shop around. Here they are, from most extensive coverage to least:

Comprehensive insurance: As the name suggests, this is the most robust insurance plan you can get for your home. Imagine that an electrical fire starts in your kitchen and does serious damage before it’s extinguished. A comprehensive policy will cover repairs to the actual structure of your house, such as walls, floors, plumbing, wiring, and so on. It will also cover your damaged possessions, like your lost kitchen appliances and the furniture destroyed by smoke damage.

Of course, fire is just one example. A comprehensive policy will also protect you from common perils such as electrical surges, water damage, wind and hail, vehicle impacts, and more.

Broad insurance: A broad plan gives extensive protection to your home itself, just like a comprehensive plan. But when it comes to your personal belongings, it’s more limited: They are only protected against “named perils.” This means you have to decide which hazards you want to insure your possessions against when the policy is created.

In the example above, your appliances and furniture would only be covered if fire was one of your named perils. Other types of damage to your possessions would not be covered.

Basic insurance: This is the most bare-bones type of insurance plan you’ll typically come across. It protects your home and your possessions against named perils only. For instance, you might choose to insure your home against water damage, wind, and hail, but forego fire protection to keep your costs down. If a fire did then occur, as in the example above, none of your losses would be covered.

Clearly, there are enormous differences in the coverage provided by these different plan types. When you’re hunting for the best home insurance rates in Repentigny, make sure you note whether a plan is comprehensive, broad, or basic.

Your questions about homeowners insurance in Repentigny, answered

How much is home insurance in Repentigny?

Given current home insurance rates in Repentigny, the average homeowner can expect to pay roughly $80 per month or $960 annually.

This answer, however, comes with a very large asterisk – because most of us aren’t exactly “average.” A wide range of factors can impact your home insurance costs, meaning you pay significantly more or less. These include the size of your home, how well it was built, how old it is, and more. These factors are significant to your insurance provider because they determine the risk your house runs of sustaining costly damage over the coming years.

The price of Repentigny home insurance also hinges on the type of plan you choose. More extensive insurance – such as a comprehensive plan that protects both house and belongings – will tend to carry a higher price tag. A basic plan that only protects against a few named perils will be much cheaper, but offer less coverage.

What perils are specific to Repentigny?

When it comes to perils – i.e. types of damage that your house can sustain – Repentigny has much in common with the rest of Canada. High annual snowfall and strong winds can wreak havoc on your roof and siding, while freezing temperatures can lead to burst pipes and water damage.

But there’s also a specific peril that Repentigny homeowners should consider: flooding. If a major storm inundates Quebec City (as it did during the historic 2017 floods, and to a lesser extent in 2019 and 2020), suburbs on the banks of the St. Lawrence River will be directly in harm’s way. Of course, that includes Repentigny, which is situated directly north of the river.

The good news is that more and more Canadian home insurance providers are offering protection against this type of damage, called “overland flooding.” (Note that overland flooding is different from interior water damage that occurs when a frozen pipe bursts or a washing machine malfunctions.) If you’re getting a home insurance estimate in Repentigny, double-check whether overland flooding protection is included, excluded, or available for purchase as an optional add-on.

What perils does home insurance cover in Repentigny?

Your home insurance policy can cover many different types of damage or just a few. It all depends on what type of policy you opt for and how many perils you’d like to protect against.

For the typical homeowner who chooses a comprehensive plan, Repentigny house insurance will cover a very wide range of perils. These include:

  • Aircraft and vehicle impact. If a car veers off the road and strikes your house or a delivery driver accidentally plows through your garage door, you’ll be covered.
  • Lightning and electrical currents. If lightning strikes your house or somewhere nearby and the resulting power surge destroys some pricey electronics, you’ll be covered.
  • Explosions, fires, and smoke damage. If an appliance overheats and catches fire, you’ll be protected against the fire itself as well as the resulting smoke.

These are just a few of the most common examples. A comprehensive policy will also cover damages from wind and hail, water damage, flooding, vandalism, malicious acts, theft, and riots.

What perils won’t property insurance cover in Repentigny?

Some perils are almost never covered by home insurance. That includes damage resulting from insects, rodents, raccoons, and birds, as well as normal, naturally occurring damage (such as a wooden porch that gradually rots).

It also includes damage from fuel oil leaks, war, terrorism, and nuclear hazards, as well as damage that occurs during your vacancy (i.e. if you’re away from home for 30 or more days). Of course, your insurance also won’t cover damage to property that you acquired illegally, or damage that results from crimes you commit.

Coverage for other perils may only be available under special conditions or as an optional add-on. This includes landslide, avalanche, and earthquake protection and overland flooding damage. It also includes coverage for freezing indoor plumbing, which comes with special maintenance requirements you must meet (e.g. draining the pipes or having them checked on while you’re away).

What kind of home insurance do you need in Repentigny?

To find the right home insurance, it’s crucial to know your own needs. A plan that’s limited may leave you on the hook for non-covered damages after an unexpected incident. But an a plan not tailored to your lifestyle policy means you’re paying for coverage that you’ll never need.

In other words, home insurance policies are not a one-size-fits-all product. It’s best to do your own research and find a home insurance policy that’s right for your unique situation.

What can you do to save on home insurance premiums in Repentigny?

Home insurance rates in Repentigny depend on many different factors. Sometimes, lowering them will mean making smart tradeoffs. For instance, you can purchase a broad plan instead of a comprehensive one. This exposes you to greater risk against unnamed perils, but lowers your monthly costs. You can also accept a higher deductible in exchange for a lower premium. This could reduce your monthly payments… but if you do need to make a claim, you’ll owe more out of pocket.

Fortunately, there are other ways to save on home insurance premiums that don’t require any major sacrifices. That includes installing smoke, burglar, and carbon monoxide alarms; paying your premium annually instead of monthly; and checking for special discounts based on your age, occupation, and professional memberships. (See more tips above.)

What are the best home insurance companies in Repentigny?

If you’re a Repentigny homeowner trying to choose the right insurance company, we have good news: There are many different plans available. So instead of trying to find the “best” insurer, do some comparison shopping and find the one that’s right for you.

Just drop in your basic information here at RATESDOTCA and you’ll get online quotes for Repentigny home insurance in minutes. It’s free to use and there’s no commitment. If you see a quote you like, we’ll connect you to a Repentigny home insurance broker to get you signed up immediately.

What if I own a condo or rent? Can I still buy property insurance online?

Yes! RATESDOTCA also makes it simple to find condo insurance and renter’s insurance. Just enter your home details and we’ll show you free quotes from more than 50 different carriers.

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